Emeritus College

Emeritus Day Memorials 2010

Blanton, Lloyd H., 1939 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Education. Lifetime member of the American Association of Educators. Received Future Farmers of America (FFA) highest honor in 2005. Graduated from Clemson in 1960; Ph.D. from Ohio State. Spent a lifetime at Clemson. Retired from U.S. Army Reserves. Was member of the Emeritus College Advisory Board.

Camper, Nyal Dwight, 1939 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Entomology, Soils and Plant Science. Ph.D. from N.C. State. At Clemson for 43 years. Major professor to over 50 students. Recipient of Godley-Snell Award for Excellence in Agricultural Research.
Noted for cutting edge research in use of plants for pharmaceuticals.

Dean, Jordan A., 1912 - 2009

Professor Emeritus of Languages. Youngest of seven children; graduated from Wofford and Vanderbilt. Taught at Military Academy in Tennessee before coming to Clemson in 1937. Was in the Army during WWII, served in reserves in Clemson, and retired as Lieutenant Colonel. Retired from Clemson faculty in 1977.

Eskew, Elias Benton, 1922 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Agronomy. Born in Anderson County, he earned degrees from Clemson and Ohio State. He worked at Clemson for 38 years and upon retirement, volunteered for Clemson Meals on Wheels. He is the father of Extension agent Elvie Eaddy, and father-in-law of Professor Emeritus Harold Allen.

Fernandez, Elena G.

Professor Emerita of Spanish.

Garrison, Olin B., 1910 -2010

Director Emeritus of Agricultural Experiment Station. Received B.S. in horticulture from Clemson in 1933; M.S. from LSU, and Ph.D. from Cornell. Was first located at Edisto Experiment Station. While a student at Clemson, was charter member of Blue Key Honor Society. Was active in many organizations including Tiger Brotherhood and IPTAY.

Griffin, Barbara J., 1932 - 2009

Professor Emerita of Agriculture Engineering. A native of Walhalla, received M.S. from Syracuse. Served as Dean of Students at Ohio Wesleyan and Northern Illinois before coming to Clemson in 1969. Was Extension Specialist in residential housing issues. Retired 1993.

Hubbard, John W., 1920 -2010

Professor Emeritus, Agriculture Economics. Bachelors degree from Berea College, and M.S./Ph.D. from University of Kentucky. Worked at Clemson from 1961 – 1987. Formerly a farmer and Extension agent. Known for his interdisciplinary approach to research.

Hurst, Victor, 1915 – 2009

Vice President for Academic Affairs Emeritus. Degrees from Rutgers and University of Missouri. Served in the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII. Was Alumni Distinguished Professor of Dairy Science and a member of the S.C. Dairy Association Hall of Fame. Past National Chairman of AARP and a founding member of the Emeritus College Advisory Board.

Kirkwood, Charles E., Jr., 1913 -2009

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. Joined Clemson faculty in 1937 teaching math, physics, electrical engineering and before his retirement, computer science. Was a veteran of WWII and retired from the U.S. Army Reserve. Was an avid amateur radio enthusiast.

Marullo, Nicasio, 1930 -2010

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. Born to Sicilian immigrants in Brooklyn, NY; graduated from Queens College and Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. Post doc at California Tech. Came to Clemson in 1961. Received NSF Fellowship and continued research at Princeton, UCLA, and University of Strasbourg, France.Was contributor to team that received 1987 Nobel Price in Chemistry. Retired from Clemson in 1995.

McGee, Charles M., 1913 - 2009

Professor Emeritus of English. Received his B.A. degree from Furman where he lettered in golf. After serving in WWII Army Air Corps, he attended Duke University. Taught English at Clemson from 1946 to 1978.

Miller, Landon C., 1937 - 2009

Professor Emeritus of Horticulture. B.S. and M.S. degrees from Clemson. Ph.D. from Auburn. Retired after 31 years at Clemson. Was active in several professional associations even after retirement. Was also a volunteer at the S.C. Botanical Gardens.

Nicholson, James H., 1927 – 2009

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. A native of Texas, taught at University of Texas before coming to Clemson. A member of the American Mathematical Society, he was the first Honors Professor selected by Students in the Calhoun Honors program at Clemson.

Nolan, Clifford N., 1925 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Agronomy. Earned a Ph.D. from the University of Florida. Was a veteran of WWII with the U.S. Marine Corps. Came to Clemson as an Extension Agronomist.

Olive, Edward F., Sr., 1926 -2009

Professor Emeritus of Education. Originally from Louisiana. Served in U.S. Marine Corp. Was a Deacon at Clemson First Baptist Church for many years.

Page, Norwood R., 1919 -2010

Professor Emeritus of Agronomy. Graduated from Clemson in 1935 and served in U.S. Air Force during WWII. Later received M.S. from N.C. State and Ph.D. from University of Georgia. Was head of Agriculture Chemistry. Worked at Clemson for over 40 years.

Paynter, Malcolm J.B., 1939 - 2009

Professor Emeritus of Microbiology. Born in England and graduated from Sheffield University. Was founder of the Microbiology Department of Clemson where he served as chair for 21 years. Retired after 40 years at Clemson.

John B. Pitner, 1918 – 2010

Director and Professor Emeritus, Agronomy and Soils. Received a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. Began his career as an agronomist at Mississippi State. Worked at Clemson for 32 years, first as Chair of the Department of Agronomy and Soils and then as director of the Clemson Pee Dee Research and Education Center. Worked as an agronomist with the Rockefeller Foundation in Mexico. Received an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Clemson in 1999.

Porter, John J., 1932 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Textile Chemistry. Originally from New Jersey, received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Georgia Tech. Taught at Clemson for 35 years.

Reeves, Calvin B., 1918 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Dairy Science. Served as Dairy Extension Specialist. Was inducted into Dairy Hall of Fame in 1981. Charter member of the South Carolina Dairy Tech Society. Active in Clemson Lions Club for 47 years.

Richardson, Joel L., 1921 - 2009

Professor Emeritus of Textile Engineering. B.S. degree from Clemson and M.S. from NC State. Joined faculty in 1948 and taught for 33 years. Visited 46 states in his RV camper.

Shalaby, Shalaby W., 1938 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering. A native of Dairut, Egypt, he held several undergraduate and graduate degrees in the sciences. In 1993, he founded Poly-Med at the Clemson Research Park where he continued his career until his death. His area of expertise was innovative drug-delivery systems.

Smith, Daniel B., 1940 - 2010

Dean and Director Emeritus of Cooperative Extension. A native of Alabama with degrees from Auburn, University of Tennessee, and University of Kentucky. Worked at Clemson for 30 years as an agriculture economist.

Taylor, Julia Wood, 1915 - 2010

Professor Emerita of Home Economics. Graduated from Winthrop University and the University of Tennessee. Was an Extension Specialist in Interior Design. Very active in Delta kappa Gamma serving at all levels including international. Retired in 1980.

Tinsley, William Allan, 1933 - 2010

Professor Emeritus of Agriculture Economics. Originally from Illinois, he retired in 1993 after 21 years at Clemson. He was a pioneer in computer use for agriculture and received Clemson’s first Alumni Award for Distinguished Public Service.

Trevillian, Wallace D., 1918 – 2010

Dean Emeritus of Commerce and Industry. Degrees from the University of Virginia. Served in U.S. Army during WWII. Came to Clemson in 1947 and rose through the ranks from professor of economics to Dean. Retired in 1985. Is remembered for his love of students and his integrity.

Usrey, Malcolm O., 1930 -2010

Professor Emeritus of English for almost 30 years. Bachelors degree from Abilene Christian College. Ph.D. from Texas Tech. One of ten children born to a Texas farmer.