Emeritus College

Emeritus College Memorials 2012

Larry Abernathy, 1948 – 2012
Visiting Professor of Counselor Education. Mayor of Clemson.  A graduate of Clemson University, he served in city government for over 30 years.  During his tenure, both the city and the university experienced significant growth but maintained its ‘village’ quality.  He was known throughout the country for his leadership with town ‘n gown issues.

Forrest Christopher Alley, 1929 – 2011
Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering.  Originally from Alabama, he held degrees from Auburn University and UNC- Chapel Hill.  He retired from Clemson in 1989 after 31 years of teaching.  He was an Air Force veteran of the Korean War.

Bernard I. Bayer, 1933 – 2011
Professor Emeritus of Library Science.  He became active in the Emeritus College upon moving to the area after his retirement from Ohio State University.  Born and raised in Chicago, he held degrees from the University of Illinois and Case Western Reserve.  He was an instructor at the Naval Air Technical Training Center as well as a newspaper writer and reporter in Chicago.

Louis Lee Henry, 1931 – 2012
Professor Emeritus of English.  A native of Clemson, he graduated from the University in 1953.  After serving in the Army, he received advanced degrees from Florida State University and returned to Clemson where he taught English from 1958 – 1990.  He was the first Alumni Master Teacher and a recipient of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.

Mark S. Henry, 1946 – 2012
Professor Emeritus of Agriculture and Applied Economics.  Raised in Kansas, he completed his education at Kansas State University.  He began his career in applied economics in 1967 in Botswana.  He came to Clemson in 1978 and remained an active research until his death.

Frederick Tyler Simon, 1918 – 2009
Professor Emeritus of Textile Science.  He was educated at Carnegie Mellon University, Philadelphia University, Charleston University and Marshall University.  He began his career as a research chemist with a specialization in color science.  He came to Clemson in 1968 as the J.E. Sirrine Professor of Textile Science.  Upon retirement, he learned woodworking and constructed the red entry doors for St. Paul’s in Pendleton.

James A. Turner, Jr., 1937 - 2012
Professor Emeritus of Accounting.  He taught accounting at Clemson from 1974 to 1994.  Because of his passion for teaching, he established the James A. Turner Award in Federal Taxation, which is given annually to a student with a promising career in the accounting profession.