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CUBS-HR/Hiring Process Upgrade


The CUBS-HR (Clemson University Business System - Human Resources) application and the University's hiring process were upgraded in December 2015.

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Why did we upgrade?

The University upgraded both its hiring process and CUBS-HR to better align with the University's 2020 goals.

What improvements were made?

CUBS-HR (PeopleSoft): By upgrading to the most current version of PeopleSoft, the University was able to achieve the following:

  • Advanced information security
  • Additional functionality, including paycheck modeling, employee profiles and a user-friendly experience for applicants
  • Advanced support for continuous improvement efforts, including system updates to critical areas such as payroll taxes
  • Less down time of the system

Hiring Process: In conjunction with CUBS-HR enhancements, Clemson University developed a new hiring system. Tiger Talent improved one of the University's most critical processes - the hiring process. Early feedback on Tiger Talent highlights two important and welcome changes:

  • A 75.5 percent reduction in lead time for requests to hire
  • A 71.4 percent increase in requests to hire processed without any interruptions in the process

Designed to simplify and improve the hiring process, Tiger Talent offers a reduced number of required approvals, greater visibility throughout the process, and reduced paperwork. Other upgrade enhancements included:

  • One standard electronic hiring process
  • One standard applicant online experience
  • Paperless hiring transactions
  • A reduction in the number of approvals required
  • An average reduction of 67 percent processing time during the request phase
  • Real-time visibility of each hiring transaction's process


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