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CUBS-HR/Hiring Process Upgrade


The CUBS-HR (Clemson University Business System - Human Resources) application and the University's hiring process are being upgraded.

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Why are we upgrading?

The University is upgrading both its hiring process and CUBS-HR to better align with the University's 2020 goals.

What improvements can I expect?

CUBS-HR (PeopleSoft): By upgrading to the most current version of PeopleSoft, the University will be able to achieve the following:

  • Advanced information security
  • Additional functionality, including paycheck modeling, employee profiles and a user-friendly experience for applicants
  • Advanced support for continuous improvement efforts, including system updates to critical areas such as payroll taxes
  • Less down time of the system

Hiring Process: In conjunction with CUBS-HR enhancements, Clemson University has developed a new hiring system. Tiger Talent was created collaboratively by the Office of Human Resources, a pilot group and the Lean Office to improve one of the University's most critical processes - the hiring process. Early feedback on Tiger Talent highlights two important and welcome changes:

  • A 75.5 percent reduction in lead time for requests to hire
  • A 71.4 percent increase in requests to hire processed without any interruptions in the process

Designed to simplify and improve the hiring process, Tiger Talent offers a reduced number of required approvals, greater visibility throughout the process, and reduced paperwork. Other upgrade enhancements include:

  • One standard electronic hiring process
  • One standard applicant online experience
  • Paperless hiring transactions
  • A reduction in the number of approvals required
  • An average reduction of 67 percent processing time during the request phase
  • Real-time visibility of each hiring transaction's process


With the exception of the new hiring process, CUBS users will not see significant changes. To help users understand and quickly adapt to the upgraded system and new hiring process, targeted training opportunities will be offered.

Questions? Ask-HR

Please send requests for additional information to Ask-HR.