Human Resources

Redefining Leave

On August 16, 2004, Senate Bill 16, which was previously ratified by the General Assembly, was signed into law by Governor Sanford. This bill codifies State Human Resources Regulation 19-712.01 (G)(1) and provides State employees with three days of paid leave upon the death of an immediate family member. Immediate family is redefined to include the spouse of brothers, spouse of sisters, and spouse of children. In addition, the employing agency may require the employee to submit a statement stating the name and relationship of the deceased.

Included in the bill are amendments to § 8-11-40 of the SC Code of Laws relating to State employee sick leave, so as to codify and increase the number of sick leave days from 8 to 10 days that employees may use to care for ill members of their immediate family. Finally, the bill amends the circumstances for which administrative leave for State employees can be taken. State employees in FTE positions who are physically attacked while performing official duties, and suffer bodily harm as a result of the attack, must be placed on administrative leave with pay by their employers rather than sick leave. For more information regarding the amendments to § 8-11-40, please review the legislation at