Human Resources

HR Forms


Certification Regarding Tobacco Use
Dental Claim Form

Leave Pool Donation
Leave Pool Request Form
MoneyPlu$ Claim Form
Sabbatical Leave Request

South Carolina Retirement Forms

State Health Plan Comprehensive Benefits Claim Form

Medically Necessary Contact Lens Benefit Form
Minnesota Life Evidence of Insurability
Out of Network Vision Services Claim Form
Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form
Supplemental Long Term Disability Medical History Statement for Late Entrants

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Employee Packet

Employee Forms (Request Form and Medical Certification)

Supervisor Information

Coming Soon!

Classification & Compensation

Base Salary Change for Filled Positions Only
Bonus & Award Form

Bonus & Award Form-Multiple Listing

Establish a New Award

Increase Existing FTE Request

Life Sciences Act Bonus Submission Form

Multiple Bonus Payment Spreadsheet

Multiple Performance Increase Spreadsheet
Salary Increase Request for Student Employees
Salary Reduction Form
Position Description Form

Database & Records

Change of Address Links
Dual Employment Request Form
Dual Employment Revised Schedule Request
Employment Action Request Package
   Employment Action Request
   Employment Action Request Additional Sheet
   Employment Action Justification Additional Sheet
I - 9 Form

Multiple Dual Employment List
Personal Data Update
Personnel Data Entry Form
Personnel Data Entry (JED) Form

Employee Relations

Employee Exit

International Employment

  Employment Verification Letter for F-1 Visa
  Employment Verification Letter for J-1 Visa
  International Employment Forms Packet
  Social Security Card Application


Closed Bank Account - Reissue Paycheck Form
Direct Deposit
Employee Working Outside South Carolina Form
Employee Time Sheet Jan 2016 - Jan 2017 (Excel)
Employee Time Sheet Jan 2016 - Jan 2017 (Handwritten)
Faculty 9 month pay over 12 months (Available Annually in August)
Lost Check - Reissue Paycheck Form
Non-overnight Meals Reimbursement Form
Overpayment process: call Payroll at 864-656-5580
Personal Communications Stipend
   Personal Communications Stipend Form
   Personal Communications Stipend Instructions
   Personal Communications Stipend FAQ
Request for Off-Cycle Payroll Process
SC State Credit Union Form
Special Pay
Travel Log Form
W-2 Request Form

W-4 Link and Instructions


Background Request Form
Job Evaluation Form
Job Evaluation Form - Paid Adjunct and Intermittent Only
Release of Information (CDL, Safety Sensitive, High Risk / Security Sensitive)
Pre-Hire Form
Hire Form

Misc. / Other

Temporary Grant and Time Limited Employee Agreement