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EPMS Microsoft Word Template
(Updated February 19, 2013.)

EPMS Instructions Sheet

Additional Job Duties Template
(Word form to accommodate 5 additional job duties)

EPMS Performance Characteristics

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I delete lines if I don’t need as much space as is provided?

The EPMS form was developed with the idea of maintaining as much integrity of the original hard-copy form as possible. For that reason there is an unlimited amount of text that may be added but space that is set on the form cannot be deleted.

We are aware that, in some instances, this will cause page break and/or spacing problems but are trying to provide a form that will benefit the majority of departments. Subsequently, for the departments that still submit hand-written forms, the original space setting will allow for this option.

2. How can I highlight just one or two words?

The mouse does not allow for highlighting of one or two words. Typically, by attempting to use the mouse at least one-half of the line is highlighted. However, by using the “CONTROL” key and the “ARROW” keys the user should be able to highlight as many words or letters as needed.

3. Am I able to use spellcheck?

Unfortunately spell-check is not an option.

4. Can the page breaks be changed to accommodate spacing?

Some of the page breaks are set as part of the form. These are the page breaks that correspond to the page breaks on the original form. The user may also have additional pages and/or page breaks based on the amount of text inserted into the form. Please note that there may be some variances of the form based on machine type. These seem to be fairly rare but may occur.