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Lisa C. Benson

Assistant Professor

Department of Engineering & Science Education
Department of Bioengineering
    M-12 Hotzendorff Hall
Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina
Phone: (864) 656-0417

Research Group Website:

Ph.D., Clemson University , 2002, Bioengineering
M.S., Clemson University , 1986, Bioengineering, (Minor in EE)
B.S., University of Vermont , 1982, Bioengineering

Research Interests:
My research interests include student-centered active learning in undergraduate engineering, assessment of student motivation, and how motivation affects student learning. I am also involved in projects that utilize Tablet PC technology both as a research tool and to enhance student learning. My bioengineering research focuses on orthopaedic biomechanics and biomaterials.

Recent Courses:
CES 102, Engineering Discipline and Skills
ENGR 130, Engineering Fundamentals ENGR 190/290/390/490, Special Topics in Engineering and Science (Creative Inquiry courses)
BIOE 450, Special Topics in Bioengineering
BIOE 415/615, Research Methods

CES 800, Seminar in Engineering and Science Education
CES 820, Teaching Undergraduate Engineering
CES 861, Practicum in Mentoring and Teaching in Engineering and Science

Cheryl Parzel Cass, North Carolina State University, Materials Science
Courtney Faber, Cornell University, Bioengineering
Sarah Grigg, Clemson University, Dept. of Industrial Engineering
Randy Hutchison, Furman University, Health Sciences
Marisa K. Orr, Louisiana Tech, Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2012)
Rodolfo Valdes Vasquez, Colorado State University, Construction Management (Fall 2012)
Carol Wade, SUNY Brockport, School of Education (Fall 2012)

Undergraduate Collaborators:
Chelsea Ex-Lubeskie, Department of Bioengineering
Catherine McGough, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Other Activities:
Science as Art
Sigma Xi (scientific research society)
Clemson Memorial Carillon