Clemson University: Engineering and Science Education

Department of Engineering and Science Education Established at Clemson

The College of Engineering and Science broke new ground in the Fall of 2006 with the establishment of the Department of Engineering and Science Education.

Associate dean for undergraduate studies, Steve Melsheimer indicates that this new unit gives Clemson a leadership role in this field. "In the United States, there are only two similar academic units, and both focus exclusively on engineering pedagogy," he explains. "The first was created at Purdue and the second at Virginia Tech," he says. "But our unique college structure incorporating math, science and engineering, gives us a real competitive advantage." The new department will focus on improving educational methods and curriculum at the university level, and also assist in improving K-12 education in math, science, and engineering. These K-12 outreach activities will enhance recruitment of students into engineering and science at Clemson and elsewhere.

The E&SE department will also provide graduate level coursework for Clemson engineering and science graduate students seeking to prepare for academic careers, and it is envisioned that the E&SE department will ultimately grant M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering and science education. While the E&SE faculty will be expected to be leaders in engineering and science education and scholarship, collaboration with faculty from all departments in the college (and from other colleges, especially those in the Life Sciences and in the School of Education) will be strongly encouraged and supported.

The foundation for the new department is Clemson's outstanding General Engineering program, which will continue as a component of the new department and remain the name of the first-year engineering major.