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Clemson University Granted 2007 HP Technology Leadership Award

Clemson University was awarded a 2007 HP Technology for Teaching Leadership award designed to transform and improve learning in the classroom through innovative uses of technology. Leadership awards are additional, higher value grants awarded to HP Technology for Teaching grant recipients whose projects demonstrate success in their first year of implementation. Clemson was selected for reinvestment because of its success in using HP technology to enhance instruction, demonstrating a measurable, positive impact on student achievement, and proposing innovative plans to expand their programs to have broader impact on student success. Marilyn Reba of Math Sciences is the principal investigator and recipient of the original HP Technology for Teaching grant. Co-investigators on the Leadership Award are Lisa Benson (Engineering and Science Education), Roy Pargas (Computer Science), and Barbara Weaver (Clemson Computing and Information Technology).

Clemson is one of 10 HP Technology for Teaching higher education grant recipients that have been selected for the Leadership award in 2007. The award package includes HP Tablet PCs, cash and professional development with a total value of more than $120,000. These tablet PCs will be used in the "sandbox classroom" in the renovated Holtzendorff Pool. This classroom is destined to be a showcase for innovation in education and effective use of technology for teaching.

In addition to the equipment and cash, a representative from Clemson will attend the annual HP Technology for Teaching Worldwide Higher Education Conference to be held in San Diego, Calif. in February 2008.

Since 2004, HP has contributed approximately $44 million in HP Technology for Teaching grants to more than 850 schools worldwide. During the past 20 years, HP has contributed more than $1 billion in cash and equipment to schools, universities, community organizations and other nonprofit organizations around the world.

"HP invests in schools to improve educational attainment and develop a skilled, diverse workforce in the future," said Sidney Espinosa, director, Philanthropy Program, HP. “Our grants empower students and teachers to succeed through innovative uses of technology and training."