Clemson University: Engineering and Science Education

Certificate in Engineering and Science Education

The Department of Engineering and Science Education is pleased to offer graduate students in the College of Engineering and Science the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Engineering and Science Education. This educational experience is designed for graduate students who seek experience in preparation for an academic career, as well as those who wish to further their understanding of the education process in engineering and science. This certificate program includes a range of courses that may be chosen to address specific research questions or interests. The course sequence is intended to complement courses offered in the engineering and science disciplines, and is as follows:

  • CES 850 Special Topics in Engineering and Science Education (3 credits)
    This course is being offered with the title Teaching Undergraduate Engineering & Science until the content is sufficiently finalized to propose this as the formal title. It is a foundational course to assist graduate students in improving their teaching skills.
  • CES 871 Engineering and Science Education Research Methods (3 credits)
  • Elective (3 credits minimum; more courses to be added from Engineering and Science Education)
    ED 955 Theoretical Bases of Instruction
    ED L 975 College Teaching
    ED F 808 Educational Tests and Measurements
    ED F 778 Experimental & Nonexperimental research
    ED F 878 Methods in Education (I & II)
    ED F 879 Qualitative Research in Education
    ED F 901 Mixed Methods Research in Education
    PSYCH 810/811 Research Design and Quantitative Methods I and II,
    PSYCH 833 Advanced Cognitive Psychology
  • CES 861 Teaching and/or Mentoring Practicum in Engineering and Science Education (1 credit each; 2 credits minimum)



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