Clemson University: Engineering and Science Education

Congratulations to Randy Hutchison on receiving a Public Service and Agriculture Next Generation Graduate Fellowship (PSA-NGGF)









Randy is a PhD student in Bioengineering, and is working with Dr. Lisa Benson on bridging human motion research with engineering education. The project Randy will be working on is "Portable Accelerometer-based Motion Analysis (PAccMAn) system: A Motion Analysis Tool for Research and Education". The PAccMAn System measures the loading patterns of the lower limb (knee, shank and ankle) during activities of daily living. Randy's study has two objectives. The first involves optimizing this novel clinical tool to inform clinicians' decisions on how well a subject is healing, how effective the rehabilitation regime is, and how much weight a subject is applying to the affected limb. The second objective is to use the PaccMAn system as an engaging educational tool for both college level and pre-college students. Students can collect data on forces, moments, velocities and accelerations during motion, and relate dynamics to bone and joint function. By building connections between what students see as otherwise unrelated subjects, our goal is to help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This competitive award is made through the Clemson University Graduate School in targeted program areas to further develop interdisciplinary collaborations. Randy competed against some of the best applicants at this level, broadly representing the best students across the nation and around the world. Randy will receive a $15,000 fellowship per year for 3 years, which will be matched through other research funds.