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Class of 2010 graduates reflect on time at Clemson as they prepare for their next steps











College of Engineering and Science

Walter Lee
Industrial Engineering

As an incoming freshman, Walter Lee thought he'd put in four years at Clemson then go make some money.

Then he met Sue Lasser. As director of the Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER), she works with minority College of Engineering and Science students to help prepare them for a career in an engineering or science related field. Lee has been actively involved in the program since entering Clemson in 2006.

With Lasser's influence, as well as professors with whom he's worked, Lee's graduating from Clemson and heading into a Ph.D. program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

"Her office is always open. Her work is why I want to do the things she does, because I see her impact on students," Lee said.

Lee found his niche at Clemson in industrial engineering, an area he enjoys because every time he does something within the field he knows he's making a difference and improving the system. He worked with professor Julie Trenor, his undergraduate research mentor, and another major influence on his decision to continue his education.

The Goose Creek native spent his extracurricular time being a PEER mentor, an industrial engineering ambassador, doing research in engineering education, holding a leadership position within his fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha and playing a little - OK, a lot - of basketball at Fike Recreation Center.

As he prepares to start work on his engineering education Ph.D., Lee has a very clear vision of where he wants to go after school.

"I want to teach at a department of general engineering and run a program for underrepresented students in engineering," he said.