The Physics Education Research (PER) Group at Clemson University is housed within the Department of Engineering & Science Education (ESE). ESE is a unique interdisciplinary department which includes researchers in physics education, chemistry education, mathematics education, and engineering education.

We offer a PhD in Engineering and Science Education from the College of Engineering and Science. Students who join the group will specialize in physics education research while interacting with ESE faculty and students from other STEM education disciplines.  Preference will be given to students with an MS in physics. More information about the program can be found at

For those interested in finding out more about our research, the following video was developed by a group of talented Clemson juniors to describe some of the work done by the Clemson PER group.  Although we do not ascribe to some of the stereotypic depictions, we thought that the students did a very nice job.  Thanks Carly, Lyndsay, Jacob, and Patrick!