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“From its inception as a military institution, Clemson has been recognized widely for the strong sense of character developed in its graduates. The Rutland Ethics Across the Campus program complements and formalizes this long-standing Clemson commitment.”
~James F. Barker,
FAIA - 14th President,
Clemson University

Welcome to The Rutland Institute for Ethics at Clemson University. Our programs and activities are intended to benefit Clemson and its surrounding community. Campus activities focus on students, faculty and staff. Community programs are designed to reach the entire community, with special attention directed to the business, education and professional sectors. The principal academic partner of the Rutland Institute is the Clemson University Department of Philosophy & Religion.

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The Rutland Institute for Ethics helps Clemson students to develop ethical habits that lead to future success.

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Today, Clemson is redefining the term “top-tier research university” by combining the best of two models: the scientific and technological horsepower of a major research university and the highly engaged academic and social environment of a small college.

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The Rutland Institute for Ethics offers seminars that promote ethical habits and practices in professional environments.

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The Rutland Institute for Ethics encourages ethical practices in every-day life that lead to success through ethical decision-making.

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In November Dr. Wueste spent two days at California Sate University at Bakersfield conducting a program (Scroll to the fourth piece in the News and Events for the description of his visit.) on Ethics Across the Curriculum (a cornerstone piece of the Rutland Institute for Ethics for 13 years and a worldwide movement) for about twenty of their faculty members. The link within their News and Events piece tells about the things being done at the CSU Bakersfield's Kegley Institute of Ethics.

In April, Dr. Wueste will be on the road again to North Dakota State University for a Spring 2014 workshop and talk. Sponsored in part by the Northern Plains Ethics Institute, the university and the North Dakota Humanities Council, the workshop will be on “Ethics Across the Curriculum to Prepare Students for the Real World.” The talk will be on “Higher Education Isn’t Burger King: exploring the limitations of the “customer-service” model in higher education.”