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2013-2014 Presidential Colloquium - Vulnerability and Responsibility

The theme of this year’s Presidential Colloquium, “Vulnerability and Responsibility,” was chosen with an eye to alignment with the summer reading program for incoming freshmen. (This year incoming freshmen read The Iguana Tree, a novel written by Clemson alumna Michel Stone, which, she told the assembled freshman class, is about “hope and humanity.”) Colloquium events will explore the relationship between vulnerability, noting that we are all vulnerable in some measure, and responsibility, not in the sense that presupposes culpability, but in the sense of what one can be reasonably expected to do—what one's responsibilities are. The colloquium will also explore whether and to what extent the vulnerabilities of citizens entail societal responsibilities. Click here for more information, or here to view all past Presidential Colloquiums.

J.T. Barton, Jr. Ethics Essay Contest

The J.T. Barton, Jr. Ethics Essay Contest was established in 2001 by class of 1972 alumnus Stephan “Steve” Barton in honor of his father, J.T. Barton Jr., an alumnus of the class of 1950. Any Clemson undergraduate student, regardless of major or grade-point average, is eligible to compete in the essay competition. To see the essay topics and competition winners since 2001, click here.

Inaugural "Bringing Ethics Into Focus" Award Winner
Ida Spruill, PhD, RN, LISW, FAAN
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Medical University of South Carolina

Ida Spruill, a nurse, faculty member and researcher in the College of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina, is the inaugural recipient of the Rutland Institute’s “Bringing Ethics into Focus” Award. Spruill is recognized for her accomplishments in health care research resulting in dramatic health improvements in individuals and communities. Click here for more information.

Tenth Anniversary Gala

Integrity, Ethics, Athletics: In It to Win It
The Rutland Institute for Ethics' Tenth Anniversary Gala was held at the Owen Pavillion of the Madren Center in Clemson at 6:00 PM Tuesday, April 10. The program shed light on the ever-evolving issue of ethics in collegiate athletics. Clemson University President Jim Barker joined chancellors of NCAA universities Harvey Perlman and Charles Nelms in a panel discussion moderated by Brad Wolverton, senior writer of college sports for The Chronicle of Higher Education, after Wolverton delivered the keynote address.

To view photos of the event, click here.

To view the host committee, click here.
Bart Wright, a sports writer for the Greenville News, wrote an article on the gala, accessible here.

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  • Tigers Talk Ethics
  • Ethics Bowl
  • Based on NCAA Rulebook Rewrite
Tigers Talk Ethics

The Tigers Talk Ethics Creative Inquiry is an effort on behalf of the Robert J. Rutland Institute for Ethics to capture and explore the ethical attitudes and moral beliefs of Clemson University students. It focuses on controversial issues that influence the lives of college academia and offers a platform for students with various beliefs to discuss the societal impact of these issues. The main goal of the creative inquiry is to promote awareness, understanding, and tolerance of these issues. Students interested in becoming a part of Tigers Talk Ethics should contact Dr. Stephen Satris at stephen@clemson.edu.

More information on this creative inquiry can be found on the Tigers Talk Ethics Website. Recorded past discussions can be found on the Tigers Talk Ethics youtube channel.
Orange Wave Ethics Bowl Team

Clemson's Orange Wave Ethics Bowl team has a solid record of competitive results, including being the 2008 national champions. Coaches for the team at various times are, Dr. Stephen Satris, Dr. Kelly Smith, Dr. Charles Starkey, and institute director, Dr. Daniel Wueste. Students interested in joining the team should contact Dr. Wueste at ernest@clemson.edu.

Click here to view the record of The Orange Wave.
Orange Wave Ethics Bowl Team

During the 2011-2012 academic year, President Barker paired with institute director, Dr. Daniel Wueste, to facilitate a creative inquiry group and involve them with the work of reviewing and suggesting rewrites and simplifications of the NCAA Rulebook. Their work was showcased at the Tenth Anniversay Gala. Just recently, an article on the CI appeared in Clemson World:  http://www.clemson.edu/clemsonworld/2012/summer

  • Ethics Across the Curriculum
  • Ethics in Design and Building
  • International Center
    for Academic Integrity
  • Clemson Department of Philosophy & Religion
Ethics Across the Curriculum
It is absolutely critical that students are educated in how to make ethical decisions. Thus, developing “students' ethical judgment” is prominent among the goals set out in Clemson’s Mission Statement. The best evidence of Clemson’s commitment to this goal is that ethical judgment is a distributed competency in the general education curriculum. It is a distributed competency, rather than one met by taking a single three-credit course, because Clemson faculty recognize that ethics in practice is not compartmentalized and the most effective way of conveying this point is by integrating ethics in regular courses throughout the curriculum. In fact, an article was published in the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi's Bent about ethical decision making, with four of the writers (Well, Sill, Park, and Ohland) being EAC Alumni. EAC is part of a worldwide movement for whom interested professionals may affiliate with the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum.  For an overview of the program:Ethics Across the Curriculum: At the Heart of the Rutland Institute's Mission Over the last several years, as a benefit of membership in the Rutland Ethics Alliance at certain levels, and as a means of outreach into the community, scholarships have been provided for K-12 teachers to attend a one day version of EAC K-12. Drs. Wueste and Fishman have created and offered this program

Ethics in Design and Building

The aim of the Professional Ethics in Design and Building seminar is to enhance practical understanding of relevant state law and, in particular, ethical principles relevant to architectural practice. The approach is interactive and user-friendly. We use case studies (a) to elicit ethical principles and (b) as occasions for practice in applying them. We explain how these ethical principles figure in what we call a “toolbox approach” to ethical decision-making and stress the need to approach ethical issues in a systematic, reflective and responsible way. For a sample of the program and agenda. For a related article from the American Institute of Architects.

International Center for Academic Integrity

The International Center for Academic Integrity provides a forum to identify, affirm, and promote the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers and administrators. The ICAI Web site is divided into a public tier, which contains general information about the Center and its activities, and a members-only tier, which contains specific information on ICAI projects, research, and a list-server for members to exchange ideas and information. Learn how your academic institution can gain access to all of the online resources provided by the ICAI by becoming a member today.

Department of Philosophy and Religion

The Clemson Department of Philosophy and Religion has an extremely active body of undergraduates interested in extracurricular Philosophy and Religion activities. In fact, interest has grown so rapidly that the department now has an undergraduate coordinator, Kelly Smith, whose job it is to oversee and facilitate all student activities. What's really important about this fact is that the department has allocated a small budget which can be used to facilitate said undergraduate activities.

  • Values Based Leadership Working Group
  • Influences Project
    Hanna / Westside
  • S.C. Life Community Research Project
  • Land Ethics / Sustain-
    able Communities
Values Based Leadership Working Group

In collaboration with Ten At The Top, on June 11th, September 27th, and December 4th the Rutland Institute for Ethics conducted C-level executive working group sessions on Values Based Leadership

June 11th: Notes from the Session Photos from the Session

September 27th: Notes from the Session No Photos avaliable.

December 4th: Notes from the Session Photos from the Session

Influences Project

The Influences Project is an ethics DVD created with the Project Challenge Drama class of students from Westside and T. L. Hanna High Schools and Ashley Cowden’s Business and Technical Writing class at Clemson. Students in one of Ashley Cowden’s business writing classes teamed up with a drama teacher and her students from Hanna-Westside Extension Campus in Anderson, S.C., to create an educational DVD about ethical dilemmas high school students face. The goal of the project was to facilitate discussions between students and teachers about making good choices when faced with tough decisions. View a highlight video of the event here.

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Ethics in Medical Research and Genetic Engineering (EMRGE)

Developed in collaboration with Anderson School District 5, SC Life and the SC DNA Learning Center, EMRGE (Ethics in Medical Research and Genetic Engineering) worked with six high school science teachers to provide them with professional development to enable them to facilitate discussions of ethical issues that arise across curriculum. They were mentored in lesson planning, project rubrics, and experiential trips to Clemson for 350 students. Specifically addressed were several SC standards for which they had few resources and background to effectively guide their students. Click here to view resources associated with the project. Click here to view some useful documents. Click here to view photos of the event.

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The Land Ethics and Sustainable Communities Project

The Land Ethics and Sustainable Communities Project provides seminars and events that provide participants with information about establishing and maintaining sustainable communities. Initiatives that educate people about energy consumption, climate change, new technology and alternate energy options comprise the foundation of this project (this project is yet to be initiated).

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  • National Survey of
    CEOs / Business Ethics
  • Rutland Institute Event
  • Ethics Workshop
National Survey of CEOs on Business Ethics

The National Survey of CEOs on Business Ethics is a study involving 300 large and mid-size corporations in all major industries, in collaboration with the Rutland Institute for Ethics at Clemson and the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility at GSU and conducted with support from UPS. Panelists from Prominent Upstate corporations will comment on the results and share their practical perspectives.

Rutland Institute Event Template

The Rutland Institute for Ethics Event Template was created as a marketing tool that emphasizes one of the services that the institute can coordinate and facilitate to ensure a tangible work product. Often tough challenges or thorny issues may not get the attention needed for an effective solution.

Ethics Workshop Template

The Ethics Workshop initiative provides business and academic leaders with information and guidelines on teaching others about ethical decision making and ways to react in crisis situations. It incorporates The Rutland Institute for Ethics' toolbox approach to ethics, which is a structured, tiered model for addressing and managing sitiations that present ethical dilemmas.