Soil Sampling

In general, Clemson Extension recommends that home gardeners have soil tests done every year. If you haven't sent in your soil sample this year, there is still time. One option is to take a sample to your County Extension office. They will provide you with the forms needed and will forward the sample to the Soil Testing Lab. The cost of the test is $6.00. A second option is to mail your soil sample to the Soil Testing Lab using a Soil Sample Mailer. To order the Mailer, visit Clemson University's Public Service Publications, log on as a GUEST and enter the keyword MAILER to search. The cost of the Mailer is $15.00 and includes all testing fees, recommendations and postage.

Once the soil arrives at the Lab, you will receive a soil report within 10 days. The report will include your test results as well as lime and fertility recommendations for your home lawn and/or garden.

For more information on soil tests, see HGIC 1652, Soil Testing; HGIC 1650, Changing the pH of Your Soil; and HGIC 1654, Fertilizers. If you need help interpreting the results of your soil tests, you can call the Home & Garden Information Center at 1-888-656-9988.

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