Viburnum Diseases & Insect Pests

Having more than 150 species as well as numerous cultivars, viburnums are a large and diverse group. They include deciduous and evergreen shrubs and small trees and in general, are moderate to fast growers. With their clusters of sometimes fragrant flowers that are often followed by brilliantly colored fruit, they can provide multi-seasonal interest. An added bonus is that most viburnums are relatively pest-free. When the occasional disease or insect pest problem occurs, it is usually during times when the plants are under stress or growing in less than ideal conditions.

To learn more about the diseases and insect pests that can attack viburnums as well as various control options for these problems, refer to: HGIC 2057, Viburnum Diseases & Insect Pests. For more information on the cultural requirements of viburnums, see HGIC 1075, Viburnum.

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