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For the ever-increasing numbers of consumers who prefer to purchase South Carolina seafood and agricultural products, the search has just gotten easier with the launch of South Carolina MarketMaker, a joint project of Clemson University Public Service Activities, the S.C. Department of Agriculture, the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium and the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Services. S.C. MarketMaker utilizes an interactive web site with a map-based format to connect agricultural and seafood products and producers (farmers, fisherman, etc.) from South Carolina to distributors, retailers and consumers. In addition to providing a place for producers and growers to be listed for free, it also provides access to census data that indicates where targeted buyers are located to aid in identifying new markets for products. Consumers who are searching for particular products can use the same site to hunt by zip code, city, county and state. Whether producer or consumer, a "New User" link at the bottom of every page of the web site provides instructions on how to use the site.

In addition, other South Carolina resources that complement S.C. MarketMaker, and may also prove useful,  include: Certified S.C. Grown (, S.C. Farm Bureau (, Certified Roadside Markets (, Palmettovore (, Foothills Direct Market Association ( and Native Meats (

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