Home Canning Workshops in South Carolina

Pam Schmutz,
Home & Garden Information Center

If you are canning foods for the first time, or just need a refresher class to update your information, Clemson Extension Service will be offering canning workshops throughout the state. Foods must be canned using the right equipment and following tested recipes to be safe. Come join a workshop and learn to can foods the safe way. The workshops will include both a presentation of the principles of canning and a hands-on canning of the food featured for that session. Listed below are the already scheduled workshops. You can check for additional workshops as they become available and sign up on-line. Go to http://shopping.clemson.edu and do a search for “Canning”. The cost is $30 per workshop.

Clemson University—Room B-211 P&A Building (Poole Agricultural Center)

Saturday 1–5pm

  • May 7—Water Bath Canning (Fruits & Tomatoes)
  • May 21—Pressure Canning (Vegetables & Meats)
  • June 4—Jams and jellies
  • June 18—Pickles

Bamberg County Extension Office—847 Calhoun Street, Bamberg, SC 29003

Thursday, May 26 10am–3pm; (803) 245-2661 ext. 112

Edisto Research and Education Center—64 Research Road, Blackville, SC 29003

Tuesday, June 7 10am–2pm; (803) 245-2661 ext. 112

Greenville County Extension Office—301 University Ridge, Suite 4300, Greenville, SC 29601

Saturday 1–5pm

  • June 11—Water Bath Canning
  • June 25—Pressure Canning
  • July 9—Jams & Jellies
  • July 30—Pickles

For more information on home canning see HGIC 3040, Canning Foods at Home and other fact sheets in the Food Preservation section of this website.

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