Summer Workshops for Home Canners and Food-Based Entrepreneurs

Adair P. Hoover,
Home & Garden Information Center

As fruits and vegetables are harvested in South Carolina many of us get excited about preserving fresh crops for use throughout the year. Freezing, drying and canning are all excellent ways to preserve foods but in recent years canning has been the real stand out. There is a revived interest in canning and a high demand by SC residents to learn safe canning methods. Clemson Extension Food Safety Agents are meeting this demand by offering statewide canning workshops. These workshops are hands-on and train participants to water-bath and pressure can jams, jellies, pickles, fruit, vegetables and meat. They provide up-to-date methods for safe canning in a fun and educational setting. And… they are perfect for new and experienced canners. Learning and practicing up-to-date canning methods not only assures safety but also guarantees that canned foods retain the highest quality. For a schedule of canning workshops across the state visit Carolina Canning on Facebook: or contact the Home & Garden Information Center.

Additionally, if you are an experienced food processor and ready to take your skill to the next level Clemson Extension has a program for you. Food2Market is a program that assists food-based business entrepreneurs in preparing their product for sale. TheFood2Market team consists of faculty and staff who have extensive knowledge in food safety, food processing, commercial packaging and a thorough understanding of the state and federal regulations related to production and marketing of food products in South Carolina. For details go to:

This summer, Food2Market will be offering a comprehensive two-day workshop on June 25 and 26. This is a Food Safety Workshop for food entrepreneurs who wish to learn more about producing food products for sale in the marketplace. Whether you have a great idea about a product you want to sell, have just begun marketing your product or are established in the marketplace this workshop is for you! 

The Food2Market Food Safety Workshop will cover a wide variety of topics related to the preparation and processing of value-added food products including:

  • State and Federal regulations on food products
  • What is an approved facility?
  • Food safety planning
  • Product testing
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Food processing 101
  • Food packaging
  • Documents and record keeping
  • Traceability and recall
  • Resources for business planning
  • And more!

For details go to:

Or contact Kimberly Baker @  (or) 864-226-1581 extension 115.

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