Forest Resources Data and Information

Demands on the forest and natural resources are increasing for forest products, recreation, water quality, and ecological and wildlife habitat enhancement.  Added to these demands are the pressures from human population growth as developments encroach and interface with the forest resources. 

South Carolina is richly blessed with an abundance and diversity of forest landscapes and habitats that adds to the quality of life.  The following publications are provided to offer a factual reference of the status of the forest and natural resources in South Carolina and the Southeast.  You will find links to other sites to build upon your knowledge and understanding of the natural resources we often take for granted.

South Carolina Primary Wood Producers Directory

Cash Receipts from Timber Harvests 2001 and Ag and Timber Commodities Comparison

Forestry's Impact In SC

Dr Kelly's Presentation to SCFA

- Plan for Public Service Activities
- Forestry's Contribution to SC Economy

Cash Receipts from Timber Harvest by County (1997) - table also available in PDF format

Cash Receipts from Timber Harvest by County (1999)

Graphs, Charts, and Trends for South Carolina Forests-2000 (Powerpoint) 

SC Forestry Facts

Dr Pat Layton's Address to the SCI/SCFA legislative luncheon, April 20th, 2002. Click here to view the Presentation(.ppt)


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