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Vegetation Management

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paw.gif (222 bytes) Publications in Forest Vegetation Management

Miller Introduction Remarks
Prevalent Invasive Tree and Shrub Species
Prevalent Invasive Vine Species
Prevalent Invasive Grasses, Forbs, and Ferns
The Problems these Species Cause and Ultimate Consequences
Gaining Control: Integrated Vegetation Management Strategies
Safe Herbicide Use, Environmental Consequences, and Addressing Social Concerns
Herbicide Control Treatments for Invasive Vines
Herbicide Control Treatments for Invasive Trees and Shrubs
Herbicide Control Treatments for Grasses and Forbs
Monitoring and Mapping Invasive Plant Infestations
Planning and Enacting a Control-Restoration Program
Learning As We Control: The use of information networks in invasive management.
Where Do We Go From Here To Gain Control?

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