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Master Plan

A long-range master plan was developed for the Main Campus in 1994, and many of the projects that were identified have been completed. In 2000, the University initiated this new, comprehensive planning effort to address present facility needs on the Main Campus and in its surroundings. This Campus Master Plan focuses on the vision of President Barker and the Board of Trustees that Clemson will become one of the top twenty public universities in the country. Components of that vision include excellence in teaching, increased research support, excellence in outreach, excellence in athletics, excellence in performing arts, thriving Phi Beta Kappa chapter and Rhodes scholarships, and successful private fund-raising.


The Campus Plan is a framework for decision making that expresses a point of view regarding all aspects of the campus. The Plan identifies sites for new construction, enhanced landscape development, and possible expansion of existing buildings; and describes the continued use or reuse of existing facilities to achieve a functional and attractive physical environment and an appropriate sense of place.

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