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Preservation Master Plan

The Clemson University Preservation Master Plan looks holistically at the core campus and adjacent lands. Using the past as a framework, the plan provides guidance for stewardship and decision-making as it relates to preserving, protecting, and understanding the collective stories of the past and resources associated with them. The heart of the plan can be found in the design guidelines and treatment recommendations sections, which provide the tools and solutions necessary to effectively make decisions pertaining to historic resources as the university grows and changes. The Preservation Master Plan is intended to inspire creative and thoughtful solutions that preserve and respect historic resources, while supporting a dynamic university environment.

For ease of reference, please view the Plan's expanded table of contents as well as the  individual building index.

The Clemson University Master Plan is divided into five main sections:

  • Part I: Introduction provides an overview of the report, pertinent planning studies, and university policies, outlines the Preservation Master Plan goals, and summarizes historic resources and preservation issues at Clemson University. This section also explains the preservation framework that was used to assess Clemson’s historic resources and to establish guidelines and treatment recommendations.
  • Part II: History provides an overview of the important eras in the development of Clemson University and details the physical changes to Clemson’s campus.
  • Part III: Existing Conditions is a detailed analysis of the existing Clemson campus cultural landscape as surveyed in 2008, including historic landscape and building elements.
  • Part IV: Preservation Guidelines present overarching guidelines to be applied during preservation project planning for campus-wide planning, as well as for the alteration of historic landscape and building elements.
  • Part V: Treatment Recommendations provide specific recommended treatments and preservation maintenance practices that should be undertaken at Clemson.