University Facilities

Division 01 - General Requirements

01 11 00 Summary of Work

01 11 13 Work Covered by Contract Documents

Adequately describe the extent and scope of the work covered by the design documents for the project. Describe any extraordinary conditions that exist for the project. Confirm that the description of the scope of work listed here is in agreement with the description that might be listed in other areas of the documents.

01 11 16 Work by Owner

Clearly describe any work that is planned to be done by the Owner’s forces or by other contractor’s that the Owner has retained. If any work on adjacent facilities by the Owner is ongoing that could affect the work of this contractor, indicate such.

01 11 19 Purchase Contracts

The Owner may choose to pre-purchase certain pieces of equipment for the contractor to install on this project. Itemize all such purchases and specify how they are to be handled, including unloading and storage responsibilities. Consult with the Project Manager for additional information if pre-purchased equipment is a part of this project.

01 14 00 Work Restrictions

01 14 13 Access to Site

Many projects at Clemson University have restrictions that will affect construction operations. These include limited physical access to the project site; partial occupation of buildings under construction; surrounding buildings that are in use; pedestrian and vehicle traffic near the project site; and other restrictions due to the nature of construction on a university campus. No construction activity shall take place on football game days without special permission from the Project Manager.

Clearly specify any restrictions of access to site, restrictions on use of the site, restrictions on work hours, etc. that may affect the prosecution of the work under this contract. If special conditions exist concerning actual routing of traffic and delivery to site, please indicate such here and on the drawings.

01 14 16 Use of Site

This site is intended for use by the contractor for the construction of the facility. If special conditions of its use and the necessity for off-site storage and parking, indicate these conditions.

Specify that any use of the site will comply with the “Tree Protection Policy.”

Verify with the PM that noisy construction work near occupied dormitories cannot start before 10:00am. Noisy construction operations on campus during exam week are prohibited. Discuss with the PM what constitute a noisy operation.

01 20 00 Price and Payment Procedures

Price and payment procedures are covered in the requirements as itemized in the Manual for Planning and Execution of State Permanent Improvements – Part II. The front end portions of the contract that are specified by this manual address these procedures including contract modification procedures (change orders and change directives, substitution procedures, etc. Consult with the Project Manager if special circumstances need review of the procedures.

01 31 00 Project Management and Coordination

The project management and coordination procedures and responsibilities of the contractor are addressed in the front end documents prescribed by the Manual for Planning and Execution of State Permanent Improvements – Part II. Specify that the successful contractor will be required to submit a listing of both their Project Manager and their Field Superintendent to the Owner for approval. This submittal must be in the form of the attached Superintendent Listing.

01 32 00 Construction Progress Documentation

01 32 16 Construction Progress Schedule

Clemson University has developed a detailed requirement for construction scheduling on major projects. The specification for this requirement must be included as written in the project specification booklet. The designer must make themselves familiar with these requirements and its possible effects on the project. Consult with the Project Manager to determine if this project will include this scheduling requirement.

If this specification is used on this project, clearly indicate as such in the Pre-Bid Conference and in the minutes of the Pre-Bid Conference that are usually included in an Addendum prior to receipt of bids.

01 32 33 Photographic Documentation

For major construction and renovation projects, the owner requests that photographic documentation of the construction process be a part of the construction contract. Consult with the Project Manager to determine if this will be a part of this project.

01 35 53 Security Procedures

Specify the following background check policy: All companies, including but not limited to, design professionals, vendors, suppliers, consultants, general contractors of any trade, and their subcontractors, (Contractor) that bring one or more of its employees on to the Clemson University campus or other University property in order to fulfill the terms of this agreement, must conduct a criminal background check on said employee(s) prior to bringing or sending the employee(s) to the Clemson University campus or other University property. Contractor agrees that any employee with a criminal history that the contractor reasonably believes poses a threat to property or persons will not be brought or sent to the Clemson University campus or other University property. The Contractor agrees to impose this same criminal background check requirement on all subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, or consultants, used to fulfill its responsibilities under this agreement. The Contractor shall be responsible for all costs associated with these requirements. Clemson University reserves the right to verify compliance by contractor upon request. Information collected for verification is controlled by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. Individuals believed by Clemson University to pose a threat must leave the campus or University property immediately and the Contractor may be prohibited from future awards without permission of the Procurement Officer.

All workers shall at all times wear a visible identification badge with photo ID that contains their name and/or the name of their employer.

01 40 00 Quality Requirements

Specify the appropriate instructions regarding Special Inspections and Tests that are required during the construction of the project. These instructions must be consistent with the requirements indicated in the OSE manual, building code, and approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (either OSE or CU building official depending upon scope).

01 50 00 New Utility Locations

Specify that the contractor be required to notify the Survey Group at University Facilities at least 24 hours prior to covering or backfilling any underground utility so that they can record the location and other information on their mapping data base. This requirement is in addition to any other requirement for special code inspections or testing. Specify the Clemson University Surveyor will not mark any existing utility in the field because State law requires Contractor to call PUPS (811) for all existing underground utility locates.

01 55 00 Vehicular Access and Parking

Review with Project Manager parking locations for Contractor’s vehicles. Comply with University Parking and Transportation Services traffic and parking regulations, including permitting requirements. Cost for construction related parking is to be included in the Contract Sum. To minimize impact within work areas, off-site parking will be provided for ancillary workers and materials. Fenced or barricaded on-site parking spaces must be designated on drawings when appropriate. On-site parking must comply with emergency vehicle access and with minimum impact on Owner operations.

01 55 29 Staging Areas

Indicate exterior staging area or point of access to building on drawings. Provide fencing around staging areas and dumpsters when appropriate.Indicate location of dumpster and route for debris removal through occupied buildings. Review vertical access within building, including use of stairs and elevator with the Project Manager.

01 56 00 Temporary Barriers and Enclosures

All construction activities within public areas are required to be secured with an approved barrier. Provide a barricade plan as part of the site and life safety drawings. Specify contractor is responsible for maintaining barriers throughout the project.

Entrances and exits for public use must be provided to meet code requirements for buildings occupied during construction. At least one path of travel that is accessible to individuals with disabilities must be maintained to all user occupied portions of the building. Signage must meet all applicable ADA requirements.

Noise, vibration, and dust shall be minimized in and around buildings that are occupied during construction. Indicate areas for which noise and dust control must be provided and specify methods of control. If details of installations are involved, specify these in the applicable sections of the technical specifications and the drawings.