University Facilities

Division 03 - Concrete


A concrete design shall comply in entirety with the most restrictive interpretation of applicable codes, including the seismic requirements for this seismic zone. In addition, numerous ASTM Standards and Specifications also apply to many aspects of concrete construction. Specify that all of these applicable standards are incorporated in the project design and in the preparation of the design documents and will be enforced.

Site Use

Specify the restrictions on rinsing and washing out of truck mounted rotating drum concrete mixers on the site or on any University property. The Project Manager can coordinate these restrictions as it pertains to a particular project or site. The documents must clearly indicate the contractor’s responsibility of cleaning up any wash out site before the end of the project.

03 20 00 Concrete Reinforcing

Specify that the contractor shall properly store and protect reinforcing steel to minimize contamination (mud, grease, corrosion) on the construction site prior to its placement.

Specify that all American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) recommendations involving the placement of and field cutting or bending of concrete reinforcing will be strictly enforced.

Consult the Project Manager about the use of fibrous reinforcing on the project.

03 30 00 Cast-in-Place Concrete

Provide for a testing laboratory to be engaged by either the Owner or the A/E, to perform any testing deemed necessary by the designer. Coordinate the procurement of these testing services with the Project Manager.

Specify that copies of all subsequent test reports be provided to the Owner, the A/E, and the Contractor. Specify that the scheduling of these tests shall be the responsibility of the Contractor and that any requirements for the storing of test cylinders are the responsibility of the Contractor.

Specify that any cost associated with retesting of concrete shall be borne by the Contractor.

Coordinate the use of any additives of admixtures with the Project Manager.

Specify that all form work must comply with current ACI recommendations and safety codes.

03 35 00 Concrete Finishing

Clean and rub all exposed surfaces of concrete walls, columns, ceilings, and parapets to remove stains, foreign matter, burrs, fins, and any other surface irregularities after removal of form ties and after any repairs and patching work is completed. Exposed surfaces shall be left true to line and plane, and free from form marks and other imperfections. Cosmetic coatings used to disguise underlying defects are unacceptable.

Provide all exterior concrete ramps, walks, loading docks, and other such surfaces subject to wetting with a non-slip broom finish.

The use of any specialty finishes on exposed concrete surfaces including colored concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, stamped concrete and grooving or tooling requirements must be coordinated and approved with the Project Manager.

03 45 00 Precast Concrete

Specify that any precast architectural concrete shall be properly handled and stored to prevent physical damage to the precast units and to prevent staining and discoloring of the precast units. Clearly state that the contractor will be responsible for replacing any damage precast units.