University Facilities

Division 09 - Finishes

09 60 00 Flooring


Due to both the environmental impact and lifelong maintenance costs of certain types of resilient flooring, the use of flooring requiring continued “waxing” and other labor and material intensive maintenance, the use of these types of flooring (VCT or other similar products) is not allowed without approval of the Chief Facilities Officer.

Neutral colors are preferred. Avoid specifying novel or unique materials. Specify that the contractor is to be responsible for the initial cleaning of any flooring product and responsible for its protection until final completion and acceptance of the facility.

Specify an amount of attic stock to be turned over to the Owner at the end of the project. Consult the Project Manager for an appropriate amount of attic stock on a particular project.

In the selection of patterns and colors for this type of flooring, the designer shall take into account that program requirements in the facility often necessitate the relocation of partitions. Flooring material must be uniform throughout spaces that are subject to relocation of partitions.

The use of vinyl laminate, marmoleum (MCT), terrazzo and other low maintenance flooring, with a focus on the life cycle environment impact, must be used.

“Wet” laboratories shall be finished with heavy duty, chemically resistant, impermeable, slip resistant seamless flooring with integral base. Tiles and wooden planks are not acceptable in these areas.

Rooms called laboratories that do not use chemicals, radiation, genetic materials or biological materials may use other appropriate flooring materials. Examples of these rooms would be Speech Labs, Computer Labs, Language Labs, etc.

Floors in storage areas for corrosive liquids shall be of liquid tight construction.

09 66 00 Terrazzo

Terrazzo floors are to be sand cushion type, installed over a depressed slab. Bonded terrazzo (terrazzo surfacing installed integrally with a structural concrete slab) is not to be specified without the written approval from the Project Manager.

09 68 00 Carpeting

Selection of carpet materials must take into account the restrictions on interior finishes as mandated by the Building Code. The designer shall be aware of these code restrictions and its references to the applicable fire codes.

The proposal of the color and type of carpet must be included with the presentation of other interior finishes for the facility.

Carpet may be bid as an allowance item or bid through the Owner as a separate contract. Consult the Project Manager concerning these options.

09 90 00 Painting and Coating

Paint colors must be presented to the Project Manager for approval in conjunction with the presentation of other finishes to be used within the facility. Clemson has an interior design standard paint program.

Specify that all exposed piping, ductwork, etc. is to be painted by the contractor. Prohibit spray painting in the vicinity of machinery and equipment unless adequate masking and protection of the equipment and associated valves, gauges, etc. is in place.