University Facilities

Proposed Project List (H12, PSA, CUP)

Here you can find a list of featured state projects currently underway at Clemson University.  A/E Selections are available within the Planning & Design section of the website.

Please see South Carolina Business Opportunities for project advertisements.

Request for Qualifications/Proposal/Construction Manager at Risk

North Charleston Restoration Research Campus
Project #H12-9864

Memorial Stadium Suites
Project #H12-9916-SG

Watt Innovation Center
Project #H12-9903-JM


Request for Qualifications/Proposal/Design-Build

Greenwood Genetics Center Construction
Project #H12-9910


Pre-Bid/Bid Projects

None at this time.

Notice of Intent to Award

Rhodes Hall Fan Coil Replacement
Project #CUP-4070006

Littlejohn Coliseum Renovation
Project #H12-9914

Pee Dee Advanced Technology Lab Renovation
Project #P20-9546-FW

Deferred Maintenance 2012-Package "A"
Project #H12-9909-JM-A

Digester 2 Upgrade
Project #CUP-4001630

Godley Snell Roof Replacement
Project #CUP-4001719


Core Campus Development
Project #H12-9906-SG

Hunter Hall Corrective Action HVAC
Project #CUP-4001708

Central Energy Facility Boiler Capacity & Reliability Improvements
Project #CUP-4001674

Deferred Maintenance - Package F
Project #H12-9898-JM-F