University Facilities

Buildings Serviced

The table below provides a list of buildings on campus that our workforce helps maintain. If you have any questions about this list, please contact Wanda Smith at 656-0668. 

 GCA  Team Gantt  Team Austin
 Administrative Service Building  Academic Success Center  Calhoun Mansion
 Alumni  Bracket Hall  Cook Laboratory
 AMRL  Hardin Hall  Dillard/Postal Distribution
 Aquatic Research  Jordan Hall  Earle Hall
 Asphalt Research  Kinard Hall  Enterprise Systems and Apps
 Auditor's Office  Life Sciences  Facilities (Maint. Stores/Motor Pool)
 Barre Hall  Long Hall  Fluor Daniel
 Bio-Tech (BSR)  Martin Hall  Freeman Hall
 Brooks Center  Olin Hall  Godfrey Hall
 Bull Test Barn  Sikes Hall  Holtzendorf
 CIET  Tillman Hall  Hunter Hall
 Computer Center    Rhodes Hall
 Clemson Technical Lab    Riggs Hall
 Construction Science    ROTC
 Cooper Library    Security Office
 Daniel Hall    Sirrine Hall
 Edwards Hall (Nursing)    Student Post Office
 EHS    Student Union
 Fike    Trustee House
 Gas Turbine    
 Generic Research (Rich Lab)    
 Gentry Hall    
 Godly Snell    
 Hanover House    
 Hendrix Center    
 Innovation Center    
 Lee Hall    
 Lee Hall Addition    
 Lehotsky Hall    
 Lemaster Dairy    
 Littlejohn House    
 Lowry Hall    
 McAdams Hall    
 National Dropout Center    
 National Dropout Center II    
 Nematode Research    
 Newman Hall    
 Oliver House    
 Poole and Agriculture (P&A)    
 Sears House    
 Smith Harris Building    
 Strode Tower    
 Strom Thurmond Institute    
 Tennis Shelter    
 Tiger Park    
 Welcome Center    
 Wind Tunnel