Energy Pledge

What Will Your Footprint Be?

You can make a difference!  Be an active participant in helping Clemson achieve net nutrality by 2030.  By doing your part to conserve energy, you will not only help save money, but you will also reduce Clemson's demand on fossil fuels, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Pledge to make energy conservation a part of your every day life.

Take the Energy Pledge

The energy pledge is a great way to show your consideration for the environment and begin embodying concern for energy. This is important because in the end, our goal is not simply for people to sign the energy pledge, but to change the culture at Clemson where just the mention of an energy pledge gets people thinking about ways to save energy.

Show your support in helping reduce Clemson University's carbon footprint by taking a pledge to use less energy and promote energy conservation. By taking the Energy Pledge, you promise to:

  • Keep your thermostat at 69 in the winter and 76 in the summer
  • Turn off lights and use natural lighting if possible
  • Turn off and unplug office, computer, and lab equipment unless in use, especially at night and on weekends
  • Keep windows closed in conditioned space
  • Open windows for cool/fresh air when not conditioned
  • Dress appropriately for season (e.g. layer in the winter)
  • Use hot water sparingly (e.g. wash laundry with cold water detergent)
  • Carpool, bike, public transportation when possible
  • Become knowledgeable about energy conservation and sustainability
  • Recruit friends and family to conserve energy (and pledge!)
  • Carry a reusable water bottle wherever you go
  • Reuse and Recycle always!

As a Clemson University student or employee, you can publically pledge to help the University conserve energy.  

Make Your Pledge

Take the Honors Energy Pledge

By taking the Honors Energy Pledge, you promise to follow the Energy Pledge, and in addition:

  • Keep your thermostat at as close to 60 in the winter and off in the summer
  • Use windows as main temperature variant
  • Upgrade to all CFL lighting, turn off lights and use natural lighting if possible
  • Use sunlight wisely. Radiant heat has a significant impact on the heating load of the room and is counterproductive during months aimed at cooling the room. Close shades and blinds during the summer, or when the air conditioner is in use or will be in use later in the day. During the heating season, leave shades and blinds open on sunny days, but close them at night to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows. 
  • Become aware of your carbon footprint (one place to calculate:
  • Conduct an energy audit to see where potential energy can be saved and to get in the habit of looking for new ways to save energy 
  • Only water your lawn at night (Clemson already does!)
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Eat local food food as a way to reduce your impact by  reducing the distance your food needs to travel
  • Stay updated on all current energy crises and events

As a Clemson University student or employee, you can be an inspiration to others.  


Take the Platinum Energy Pledge

By taking the Platinum Energy Pledge, you promise to follow the Honors Pledge, and in addition:

  • If practical, give up or limit use of personal vehicle
  • Eat over 50% local food 

As a Clemson University student or employee, you can become the ideal.   

Energy Platinum Pledge

Although energy conservation is an important part to reducing our environmental impact, energy conservation has less to do with saving energy and more to do with environmental sustainability. With behavioral change we can redirect attention from dwindling resources towards acting in stewardship of taking only what we need to begin to provide a better life for the future. The overreaching goal is to incorporate practices into our lives that minimize the dependence on scarce resources and maximize attention to sustainability.

You can also explore our sustainability portal which includes numerous resources to educate yourself and others.