EV Charging Station

For the two utility vehicles that are electric and for all students that use electric vehicles, the WeCar program in cooperation with Enterprise has brought 2 EV charging stations to campus. The stations are located behind Hendrix in the parking lot. The station has a wired and wireless charger. The wireless charger uses state-of-the-art technology, using magnets to connect usage and electricity costs. 


"The electric vehicle charging station and the WeCar program are continuing steps to improve traffic flow and parking at Clemson, in part by reducing the number of cars on campus by offering more options to students, faculty and staff."

More Information

For more information about Clemson's WeCar program click here. To register and see rates for the program click here.

To read the media relations article published further detailing the program see here.

CUICAR is also researching the future implementation of adding electric charging stations to the grid, examining the network that needs to be set up in rural areas and highways. Some information on the workshop they held in March 2012 is available here.

EV Charging Station