University Facilities

Campus Tree Removals

The Landscape Services Arboricultural Staff assesses the health and structural integrity of the campus trees on a continuing basis. Additionally, Dr. Don Ham, Emeritus Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources, is consulted in situations where analysis or treatment options are particularly critical. Tree removal recommendations are only made following an in-depth evaluation process and assessment of alternatives to removal. All trees slated for removal are identified to the campus community along with a description of the reasons for removal. Trees currently scheduled for removal are listed below. Trees requiring removal because of new building construction or utilities work may also be listed below along with an explanation of the reasons for removal. Trees that must be removed due to construction are evaluated for transplant elsewhere on campus and/or recycled as mulch for use on campus. It is university practice to plant two trees for every tree removed.

Current Removals

Below you can find the latest tree removal updates.  Click on the hyperlink for the tree locations.

Freeman Hall Expansion Project

Tree 3774, a 34" Eastern Red Cedar and tree 3775, a 14" Shumard Oak, will be removed to accommodate the Freeman Hall Expansion Project. The new building footprint will be located where the existing trees are presently situated.

Watt Family Innovation Center Construction

In addition to the twenty-four trees listed under Older Removals below, the following three trees must also be removed to accommodate the construction of the new Watt Family Innovation Center.

  • Tree 1784 is a 28” Water Oak located at the northwest corner of Cooper Library.
  • Tree 1786 is a 10” Southern Magnolia in the island at the north end of the parking lot between Cooper Library and Rhodes Hall.
  • Tree 1824 is a 17” Ring Cupped Oak in the traffic circle at the intersection of South Palmetto Blvd. and Sigma Drive.

Martin Hall ADA and Landscape Renovation

13 Riverbirch trees will be removed beginning in May 2014 and into the summer to accommodate the ADA renovation of the green space adjacent to Martin Hall.

Older Removals

Twenty-four trees, including (5) Yoshino Cherries, (9) Willow Oaks and (10) Southern Magnolias, will be removed beginning in February 2014 and into the summer to accommodate the construction of the new Watt Family Innovation Center and associated underground utilities.

Tree 4882 is a 36-inch water oak located below the Alumni Center. It has extensive internal decay based on manual assessment and sounding of the trunk. It is recommended for removal.