University Facilities

Campus Tree Removals

The Landscape Services Arboricultural Staff assesses the health and structural integrity of the campus trees on a continuing basis. Additionally, Dr. Don Ham, Emeritus Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources, is consulted in situations where analysis or treatment options are particularly critical. Tree removal recommendations are only made following an in-depth evaluation process and assessment of alternatives to removal. All trees slated for removal are identified to the campus community along with a description of the reasons for removal. Trees currently scheduled for removal are listed below. Trees requiring removal because of new building construction or utilities work may also be listed below along with an explanation of the reasons for removal. Trees that must be removed due to construction are evaluated for transplant elsewhere on campus and/or recycled as mulch for use on campus. It is university practice to plant two trees for every tree removed.

Current Removals

Below you can find the latest tree removal updates.  Click on the hyperlink for the tree locations.

  • Tree 010568 - 12 inch Ilex that is located just west of the post office. Core construction has caused Union Dr. to become a two way road. This tree is now obstructing pedestrian and vehicular traffic creating a safety concern and needs to be removed.
  • Tree 4802 - 30-inch eastern white pine on Daniel Drive near the Alumni Center. This is a very tall tree with little trunk taper and the majority of the crown is at the very top of the trunk. The trunk and crown configuration makes the tree vulnerable to trunk failure in wind and thunderstorm events.
  • Tree 250143 - 20 inch loblolly pine adjacent to the fence between the soccer field and Mell Hall parking lot. The tree has been struck by lightning and the top is beginning to die, large sections of bark are missing and damage is prevalent.