University Facilities

Maintenance Services

The department of Maintenance and Minor Construction works hard to provide an exceptional learning and working environment for the entire campus. In terms of maintenance, we provide support through three main avenues: Area Maintenance, Interior Utilities, and Structural Maintenance.

Services We Provide

The emphasis of maintenance is to improve quality of service through increased responsiveness. The types of jobs performed by our personnel are primarily preventive maintenance and minor repairs. They are the direct link between the customer and Facilities for most repairs. 

Minor Projects manages new projects from $2,000 to $500,000 and renovations up to $1,000,000. Typically, these projects are initiated by a department when they submit a Project Request form. If a department expects the estimate to be less than $2,000.00, Facilities Dispatch should be contacted at 656-2186.  The Project Request Form is not necessary for projects less than $2,000.  For additional information, please review our policy on buying services from Facilities.