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Academic and Administrative Buildings Recycling Pickup Schedule
Fall 2014 Recycling Pickup Schedule

Under normal circumstances Recycling performs a weekly route around campus. You can find out what day your building is serviced by viewing the 2014 Recycling schedule. Occasionally we'll deviate from this schedule due to things like special events and holidays. If you're encountering a problem with recycling waste being retreived in your area, please let us know by calling 864-656-4219 or by e-mailing Dave VanDeventer.

Relocating or Cleaning Out Your Office?

Please let us know if you plan on relocating or cleaning out your office. We can supply you with additional bins for the amount of recycled paper you'll be getting rid of, and your call will alert us that your department needs some special attention. Also, please don't overload your existing bins repeatedly under these circumstances. We'll gladly accommodate your needs if you will give us a call at 656-2186.

Order Your Free Recycling Bin

Recycling bins are provided to faculty and staff upon request and are free of charge. We also provide bins temporarily in such cases as office clean-out and special events. Bins are available in the following sizes, listed from smallest to largest:

7 Gallon Desk Side.
7 Gallon Desk Side
23 Gallon Wall-Hugger
23 Gallon Wall-hugger
50 Gallon Roll Cart
50 Gallon Roll Cart
95 Gallon Roll Cart
95 Gallon Roll Cart