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Game Day Recycling Results

Clemson is all about taking Pride. One of the biggest responsibilities that Clemson University Recycling Services takes pride in is our Game Day Recycling efforts. Below we have included the recycling results, in pounds, for the football games to date. Each year we strive to increase our reach and efforts to encourage our Clemson Tigers to create a more sustainable environment by recycling. Not only does this help us reuse our valuable resources, it also keeps our beautiful campus clean. This Fall be SOLID ORANGE by being SOLID GREEN. 

Want to get more involved with Clemson's Game Day Recycling? We are always looking for volunteers to help pass out recycling bags to our fans before the games. To get more information please email us at

2013 Game Day Tonnage Recycled

Home Game Tonnage Recycled (lbs.)
University of Georgia 19,890
South Carolina State 7,062
Wake Forest 21,675
Boston College 6,420
Florida State 30,892
Georgia Tech 11,474
Citadel 26,191
To Date Total 2013 Season 123,604
Gameday Tonnage

2012 Game Day Tonnage Recycled

Home Game Tonnage Recycled (lbs.)
Ball State 10,560
Furman 12,860
Georgia Tech 18,930
Virginia Tech 18,690
Maryland 12,780
NC State 13,060
University of South Carolina 24,470
Grand Total 2012 Football Season 111,350
Gameday Tonnage

2011 Game Day Tonnage Recycled

Home Game Tonnage Recycled (lbs.)
Troy 10,760
Wofford 11,680
Auburn 15,620
Florida State 17,000
Boston College 14,720
North Carolina 10,120
Wake Forest 12,880
Grand Total 2011 Football Season 92,780