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What, Where, and How to Recycle


To utilize Clemson's recycling program, it's necessary to understand what exactly can be recycled, and what currently cannot be processed by our recycling centers. Below is a breakdown of what Clemson can currently accept--if you're unsure about a waste product, you can contact Recycling Services by phone for clarification by calling 864-656-4219.

Items Banned from Kite Hill Recycling Center include Aerosol Cans, any type of Paint, or any Hazardous Waste Material. Please DO NOT place anything with oil present such as filters or containers in the Metal Recycling Bins. Any items that contain refrigerants must be called in as a Work Order and be properly evacuated.

  • How to Recycle +

    Recycling in itself is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Collect items such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass.
    2. Separate your recyclable materials. Crush Aluminum, Bag batteries, Flatten cardboard. Follow specific instructions from section "What Can Be Recycled" below.
    3. Locate large recycling containers in your office, building, or residence hall. Kite Hill may also be a convenient location for you to drop off your recyclables. Don't forget you can recycle those odd things like batteries, steel cans, packing peanuts at Kite Hill.
    Recycling Codes--What Do They Mean?

    All is revealed in our plastic use guide.

    Secure Document Shredding Procedures

    If you or your departments have a need to shred secure documents, Recycling Services provide these services for all Clemson University Departments and Services. The items are retained in a locked bin until they are shredded. The actual shredding takes place on an ongoing basis. If you need to make special arrangements to observe items being shred while you wait please email or call Recycling Manager, Dave VanDeventer at 656-4219 to make arrangements.

    For us to be able to best help you please follow these procedures:

    1. Identify the size of bin (50 or 95 gallon) and the number of bins you will need. If no bin is needed be sure items to be shred are boxed, taped shut and labeled “For Shred Only”
    2. Place a work order and provide the following information:
      • Let us know if this is a one-time routine request or ongoing service needed. If ongoing please state approximate timeframe of the job.
      • We complete most work order request on Monday and/or Friday or within 48 hours when possible. Let us know if this is a higher priority than normal.
    3. If the bin needs to be left unlocked (to be locked by requestor) in order to place bulk items vs. a few items at a time please note that in the request.
  • What Can Be Recycled +

    Material What Can Be Recycled How to Prepare
    Aluminum Cans, pie plates, foil Crush
    Batteries See "Battery Recycling Procedures" below Bring to Kite Hill Center
    Cardboard All types of cardboard Flatten
    Electronics All types Bring to Kite Hill Center
    Fluorescent Bulbs Any size fluorescent Bring to Kite Hill Center
     Compact Fluorescent Bulbs  See How To Prepare Bring to Home Depot
    Glass Clear, brown and green Remove lids; separate by color
    Magazines and Catalogs Any glossy-type paper  
    Motor Oil and Filters Oil and filters from vehicles. MUST be properly recycled. Oil Recycling Center. DO NOT PLACE ANY OF THESE ITEMS IN THE METAL RECYCLING BINS
    Newsprint Newspapers and inserts  
    Paper Office, computer and colored paper, junk mail, sticky notes, hard and soft cover books, shredded paper, envelopes, ream wrappers (non-wax coated)  
    Phonebooks All phonebooks  
    Plastic #1 and #2 Plastics coded #1 and #2 Rinse and separate by #1 and #2
    Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Commonly know as Styrofoam®. It will have the #6 Plastic Recycling Symbol

    Loose peanuts, Large Quantities of clean, uncontaminated EPS. In all cases the EPS must be the same kind and the same source. It cannot be mixed with other types. Computer Packing cannot be mixed with Dart Cups.

    Things like packing peanuts, foam coolers, and packing from furniture or computers can all be recycled

    Recycling can set up your location with a large bag for collection.

    For all other types of large quantities please call 656-4219 for the best way to prepare.

    Steel Cans Steel food containers Rinse
    Toner Cartridges Copy machine and printer cartridges Package in original box; call for pickup
  • Where to Recycle +

    • Places to recycle are all over campus — in academic and administrative buildings, in computer labs, outside buildings and residence apartments, and inside many residence halls.
    • If you're an employee, you can recycle many items right in your office or building.
    • If you are a student and live on campus, many residence halls have recycling programs in place.
    • Anyone may use the Kite Hill Recycling Center. All materials that the department recycles are collected at the Center. It's adjacent to the P-1 parking lot near the University Fire Station, right off Highway 76. The Recycling Center is manned from 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday.  All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use our facility.
  • Fluorescent Bulb, Ballast, and Battery Recycling Procedures +

    Battery RecyclingFor Sealed Lead Acid and Lead Acid:

    Bring batteries containing sealed lead acid or lead acid to the Kite Hill Recycling Center for proper recycling.

    For All Power Tool, Computer, Laptop, and all other RECHARGEABLE Household type Batteries:
    • Types Include: Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd ), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), and Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn)
    • Please place in a sealed clear bag SEPARATELY (one battery per bag)
    • Label:
      • For Recycling
      • Date Considered Used
      • Department Name of Person Discarding
    • Take to Kite Hill Recycling Center.
    Fluorescent Bulb, Ballast and Battery Recycling Procedures

    Recycling for fluorescent bulbs, ballasts and batteries occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week, from 6 am until 12 pm. All materials should be brought to Kite Hill. If you have a special request, please call 643-6030.

    Here's how to recycle these materials:

    1. Return items in original package or similar box to prevent breakage.
    2. Label the items with department, date and a count.
    3. Please! No loose or broken bulbs.

    A printable guide for Clemson University’s procedures for recycling batteries is available in PDF format.

    A guide for Fluorescent Bulb and Ballast Recycling Procedures is also available.