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Get Involved With Recycling!

Get Involved! On-Campus Residents

  • If you live on campus, recycle in your residence hall or apartment. If you are unsure about where or what to recycle, contact your RA.
  • Recycle your cover sheets and unwanted paper in the computer labs.
  • Recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans while you are tailgating at the home games.
  • During move-in, recycle your cardboard boxes by stacking them near, but not in, the nearest trash dumpster.

Off-Campus Residents

Did you know you can still recycle, even if you live off campus? Bring your paper, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, glass, plastics # 1 & #2, steel cans and more to the Kite Hill Recycling Center (click link)

Sustainability On Campus

Clemson Housing and Clemson Dining both have sustainability programs in place to help you be sustainable where you live and where you eat on campus. To learn more about Housing's sustainability efforts, click here, and to see what sustainable actions Dining Services are taking, click here.

How Else Can You Contribute?

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  • Move-In Madness! +

    Move-in Day!Each August we challenge you, whether you're moving in for the first or the fourth time, to help Clemson stay Solid Green by recycling! While unpacking all of your boxes, be sure to put your recyclable materials, such as cardboard, in the provided areas near the dorms or at Kite Hill!

  • RecycleMania +


    RecycleMania happens once a year for a period of 8 weeks in the Spring Semester.

    What Is RecycleMania?

    Recyclemania is a nationwide competition between over 600 universities across the nation to recover as much material from the landfill as possible. In 2011, over 91 million pounds of organic and recyclable materials were recovered; Clemson contributing 255, 687 pounds and placing second in the ACC, behind the University of Maryland.

    How You Can Help

    Recycle any waste you generate, and spread the word to other students, faculty and staff to do the same.

    2015 Ranking

    Check out how Clemson is ranked on the RecycleMania website, which includes our current standings, weekly stats, and cumulative greenhouse gas reduction,

    RecycleMania 2012 Promotional Youtube Spot

    We made a short film to help promote RecycleMania in 2012--check it out, We were given a "Judges Award"! Help catch the litter villains and recycle!

  • Earth Day at Clemson! +

    Each year groups like the Solid Green Club, Students for Enviromnemntal Action and Clemson Recycling team up to create a festival celebrating sustainability. The festival features green and sustainable groups and organizations from across the campus and community.

    To encourage student awareness, many organizations are asked to set up extra-credit booths, where students can learn more about an aspect of sustainability from a number of groups on campus. Clemson Recycling along with Composting will be getting participants excited about recycling in all its forms. Contact to sign up or for more information!

  • Game Day Recycling! +

    Clemson Recycling Services is continually looking for volunteers to help encourage recycling at our different Tiger sporting events around campus. We will need people to pass out bags for recycling before the game and collect trash and recyclable materials afterwards. Your time helping can count towards volunteer hours for your organization and would show leadership and service on a resume. Contact to sign up or for more information!

  • Solid Green Club! +

    Want to help make a difference around campus? Join the Solid Green Club today! Solid Green: For a Better Future is Clemson's anti-litter and environmental sustainability campaign. Its mission is to promote a green campus by coordinating and sponsoring events that further Clemson's commitment to the environment and sustainability. The goals of Solid Green are to raise awareness of littering on campus, recycling, energy and water conservation and other environmental issues; to promote clean-up activities and other events; and to support student groups that promote environmental awareness. Solid Green is all about taking pride in Clemson's campus, taking responsibility for keeping it clean and taking action to help sustain the environment for a better future. To join the Solid Green Club, click here!

  • America Recycles Day! +

    America Recycle's DayAmerica Recycles Day is celebrated each year on November 15th. It was created to promote recycling in the United States. Here at Clemson we try to do the best we can to support this day and help get the word out. We typically have a table set up around campus in order to educate students about recycling and motivate them to take action. Visit for more information about America Recycles and contact us at to find out more about how you can be involved with Clemson's aim to create a clean and green campus.