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Baruch Institute

Baruch Institute

Project Highlights:

Sustainable Sites

  • Habitat Protection:  Existing wetlands and forests surrounding the Center were preserved during the building’s construction and delivery.

Water Efficiency

  • Innovative Wastewater Technologies: Water is conserved via dual flush toilets and motion-activated faucets, saving 40,000 gallons of the potable water typically used.
  • Rain Gardens:  Two stormwater bio-retention systems - rain gardens - are located at the rear of the building. Gutters and downspouts direct rainwater from the building to bioswales. Shrubs, trees, and herbaceous vegetation help control storm water runoff and act as a natural filter system against pollutants.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Optimize Energy Performance: The building's air conditioning system uses an energy recovery wheel that recycles heat byproduct from the system, saving nearly 25% of the power of a conventional system.

Materials and Resources

  • Regional Materials:  The building was furnished with locally sourced materials and fixtures.
  • Recycled Materials:  Natural materials were used for the floor and wall coverings, and chairs in the meeting rooms are made from recycled materials, and then in turn can be recycled. The orange wall covering in the staff break room is made of recycled paper.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Daylight and Views: Natural light is strategically used throughout the building to allow for lighting reduction during the day via sensors that automatically turn off the lights when a room is unoccupied. A two story atrium fills the core of the building, offices and common areas with natural light.

LEED® v2.2 Gold Certified 2010 - Building StatisticsleedscorecardLEED Gold

  • Location: Hwy 17 North - 177 Hobcaw Road Georgetown, SC 29440
  • Completion Date:  April 2009
  • Cost: $5 Million
  • Size: 18,000 gross square feet
  • Footprint: 8,525 square feet
  • Construction Type: Institutional
  • Use Group: Office and Business (Group B)
  • Lot Size: N/A - Baruch Reserve is 17,500 acres
  • Occupancy: 199