University Facilities

Fraternity Quadrangle

Frat QuadProject Highlights:

Sustainable Sites

  • Alternative Transportation: Located 80 yards from 4 bus lines; bicycle racks and showers; an electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Open Space: Clemson has committed to conserving the open space in the quad area for the life of the buildings. All outdoor lighting is directed downward to prevent light pollution.

Water Efficiency

  • Innovative Wastewater Technologies: All toilets and faucets are either low-flow or dual flush, saving up to 87% of the potable water typically used.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Optimize Energy Performance: Exceeds ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-1999 by 23.7%
  • Additional Commissioning: Verified that the building is designed, constructed and calibrated to operate as intended.

Materials and Resources

  • Construction Waste Management: 82% of construction waste was recycled, or 4,615 Tons (9 million lbs).

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • CO2 Monitoring: CO2 monitoring system; low VOC's, post construction flush-out.

LEED® v2.1 Silver 2007 - Building Statistics frat score card scorecard

  • Location: Klugh Avenue, Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Completion Date: August 2005
  • Cost: $25 million
  • Size: 140,000 gross square feet
  • Footprint: 60,600 square feet
  • Construction Type: Institutional
  • Use Group: Residential
  • Lot Size: 5 acres
  • Occupancy: 444 beds