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Rowing Facility


Project Highlights:

One of the first LEED buildings on campus! The Rowing Facility was granted LEED Silver and set an example under the LEED Silver minimum requirements for new capital projects implemented in 2005.

Athletics and Sustainability

The Rowing Facility was the first athletic building on the Clemson campus to be LEED certified and serves as a successful example of how athletics and sustainability can go hand in hand.  Making a commitment to intertwine athletics with a new tradition of sustainable building will ensure our future athletes the opportunity to train and compete in healthy environments.

Sustainable Sites

  • Alternative Transportation:  The building is located less than a 1/4 mile to campus bus lines; bicycle parking and showers are provided on site.
  • Storm Water Control: Permeable gravel is used in the parking lot to reduce surface runoff into Lake Hartwell and eliminates the need for drainage infrastructure.

Water Efficiency

  • Water Use Reduction:  Low flow toilets, sinks and showers allow for water savings 14% above and beyond LEED compliance standards.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Optimize Energy Performance: The building utilizes energy recovery ventilators to create more efficient heating and cooling scenarios and the amount of insulation is doubled compared to a traditional building to complement the ventilators that let in outside air.  
  • Measurement and Verification: Johnson Control occupancy sensors adjust the HVAC system and lighting requirements based on if the building is in use and the number of occupants.

Materials and Resources

  • Recycled Materials:  Steel used for the framing of the building is 100% recycled and the building's fiberglass insulation is made of post consumer and post industrial products.  The wood veneer lockers and kitchen cabinets were produced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Regional Materials: Concrete was mixed with aggregate rock from a quarry located less than 15 miles from the site of construction (a considerable amount of carbon was saved getting the materials from so close!) and the steel framing was sourced in South Carolina.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Daylight and Views and Increased Ventilation: Natural light and fresh air flood the open floor plan reducing the amount of artificial lighting necessary and allowing the athletes to breathe clean air. 

LEED® v2.1 Silver Certified 2007 - Building Statisticsrowing score cardleed silver

  • Location: (On Lake Hartwell) East Beach Drive, Clemson SC, 29632
  • Completion Date:  January 2007
  • Cost: $1.6 Million
  • Size: 10,000 gross square feet
  • Footprint
  • Construction Type
  • Use Group: Athletic
  • Lot Size
  • Occupancy