University Facilities

Sandhill Research and Education Center


Project Highlights:

Sustainable Sites

  • Green Roof:  The building is topped with a green roof, on which native grasses grow without irrigation. The roof improves the building's energy efficiency, absorbs excess stormwater, creates a positive microclimate, provides a natural habitat, and adds a beautiful amenity.

Water Efficiency

  • Innovative Wastewater Technologies: A greywater collection and reuse system, combined with water-efficient fixtures reduces water consumption by 63%.

Materials and Resources

  • Regional and Recycled Materials:  The steel structure and cladding is locally sourced and fully recyclable.  All carpeting is made from recycled fibers.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Lighting: Operable windows and high performance glazing harnesses the sun and wind to ventilate the building's open interior. 

LEED® v2.1 Gold Certified 2011 - Building Statisticsleedscrorecardleedcert

  • Location: 900 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC  29045
  • Completion Date: October 2009
  • Cost: $6 Million
  • Size:  15,170 gross square feet
  • Footprint: 5,920 square feet
  • Construction Type: Institutional, Type 11-B
  • Use Group: Office
  • Lot Size: 600 acres
  • Occupancy: 285