Faculty Senate

Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award

This award recognizes individuals for exceptional service on behalf of the Faculty Senate. Eligible nominees include Clemson faculty, staff, or administrators, retired Clemson University employees, community members, or other individuals as approved by the selection committee, with strong preference given to individuals who have provided direct service to the Faculty Senate. Current Faculty Senate officers are ineligible. The recipient of this award will be granted a stipend of $1,000 and recognized at the April meeting of the Faculty Senate.

The Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award commemorates the late Alan Schaffer. Dr. Schaffer served as the Head of the Department of History and as a professor of History for over thirty years. Professor Schaffer was the epitome of faculty governance and provided unstinted service to the University by serving two terms as a Faculty Senator, as a Grievance Counselor, as a member of the University Grievance Board, as Faculty Manual Editorial Consultant, and as Chair and member of various Faculty Senate Standing Committees. He served with great distinction as Faculty Senate President in 1993-1994. Dr. Schaffer’s life was characterized by service to the faculty of Clemson University. This award was created in 2006 to honor his commitment to the Faculty Service and encourages others to emulate his commitment to faculty governance.

Nominations for the Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award are due to the Faculty Senate Office March 1 each year. For full details, download the ASFSSA nomination form. The Faculty Senate President chairs the selection committee of the immediate past ASFSSA recipient, and one lead senator from a college/Library different from that of the current Faculty Senate President.

Past Award Winners

Cathy Sturkie

2014 - Cathy Sturkie

Cathy Sturkie, retired Faculty Senate Program Coordinator, served the Faculty Senate for 22 years. During her time with the Faculty Senate her responsibilities included managing revisions of the Faculty Manual, coordinating several awards, including the Class of ’39 Award for Excellence, Centennial Professorship Award, and Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award, facilitating the university grievance process for faculty, and ensuring that the Faculty Senate acted efficiently and appropriately.

Michelle Piekutowski

2013 - Michelle Piekutowski

Michelle Piekutowiski, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, has worked tirelessly at a variety of levels and in a number of ways to dramatically transform the Clemson University HR enterprise to better serve faculty and other Clemson employees. She has advocated more equitable, market-based pay for faculty. Michelle has included members of the Faculty Senate in discussions about Human Resources, and has worked to help the Faculty Senate achieve its aims.

Other recipients of the Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award include: Kelly Smith (2012), Beth Kunkel (2011), Holley Ulbrich (2010), Fran McGuire (2009), John Huffman (2008), Pat Smart (2007), and Alan Grubb (2006).