Free Speech and Open Forum

Free Speech

Free Speech, initiated in response to the results of the 1996 Faculty Survey, is held during all Faculty Senate meetings. Meetings are open and all faculty are invited to participate in this agenda item. See our meeting schedule for date and location. Note that views presented during the “Free Speech” period are not necessarily those of the Clemson University Faculty Senate.

Free Speech Guidelines

“Free Speech” Presentations

Open Forum

Open Forum provides a venue for any faculty member to exercise freedom of speech in an effort to uplift and improve Clemson University. All University faculty are invited to submit essays to be considered for Open Forum. Open Forum submissions are reviewed by the Open Forum editors. Open Forum editors are elected annually by the Faculty Senate. Although all essays have been reviewed by the editors of the Faculty Senate Open Forum, the published essays do not necessarily represent the views of the editors or the Clemson University Faculty Senate.

Open Forum Guidelines

Open Forum Essays


Bryan Denham
Department Chair, Communications
August 2016
"On Women’s Athletics at Clemson: University Sports Culture Needs to (Re)Evolve"

Mary Beth Kurz
Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering
Clemson University Faculty Senate President, 2016-2017
Faculty Senate's ad hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Todd May – January 2016
Dept. Philosophy and Religion
The Administration of Vulnerability


Brian A. Powell, Scott Brame, Michael Carbajales-Dale, Cindy Lee, Stephen M. Moysey, Lindsay Shuller-Nickles
Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
Discussion of the pending split of the College of Engineering & Science

Jeremy King – July 2015
Professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Sustainable Leadership, Historical Remembrance, and Transforming Community: Renaming Tillman Hall as a Substantive Element of 2020Forward

Jeremy King – July 2015
Professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Past Presidents of Faculty Senate – July 2015
We Have the Appetite to Rename Tillman Hall. Do You?

Leidy Klotz – February 2015
Professor of Civil Engineering
Please call it Old Main


English Department – December 2014
Faculty Assessment

James McCubbin – March 2014
Professor of Psychology
Threats to Academic Freedom in South Carolina