Faculty Senate

Grievance Procedures

A formal grievance procedure is available to faculty members to facilitate the redress of alleged infractions of Clemson faculty policies and procedures. Any person holding a faculty appointment at Clemson University, including academic administrators, may file a grievance under the procedure described in Part V. Grievance Procedures of the Faculty Manual. Category I grievances address such matters as dismissal, termination, unlawful discrimination, or violation of academic freedom. Category II grievances address unfair or improper application of administrative authority or allegations of lack of civility and/or lack of professional responsibility. In all cases the burden of proof rests on the faculty member who has filed the petition.

FAQ’s are provided, but to fully understand the grievance process refer to Part V. Grievance Procedures of the Faculty Manual for full details. Please review this information before beginning the grievance process.

Contact the Ombudsperson and Grievance Counselors directly. Grievance counselors do not advise faculty members or administrators from their own colleges. Please see the Grievance Board roster to find their contact information. The roster also includes the names of Grievance Board members and Senior Lecturer Consultants. These individuals, however, should not be contacted directly. Please contact the Ombudsperson, a Grievance Counselor, or the Faculty Senate Program Coordinator (Monica Patterson, mpatte2@clemson.edu) with any questions about the grievance process.

Ombudsperson for Faculty and Students

R. Gordon Halfacre, 864-656-4353

Grievance Counselors

Grievance counselors do not advise faculty members or administrators from their own colleges.

Brayn Denham
College of Art, Architecture and Humanities (CAAH)
Megan Che
School of Education (SOE)
Paul Dawson
College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS)
Sarah Griffin
College of Health, Education and Human Development (HEHD)

Anne Grant
Wayne Goddard
College of Engineering and Science (CES)
Kinly Sturkie
College of Business and Behavioral Science (CBBS) and for administrators

Annual Reports

Once each academic year, the Chair of the Grievance Board shall give the Faculty Senate a summary report concerning grievance activities.

Violations of the Faculty Manual

Alleged violations of the Faculty Manual are not addressed by the grievance process and instead are resolved using the method outlined in Part II, Section D of the Faculty Manual. If the procedures and policies outlined in the Faculty Manual have not been followed, a written and signed report should be made to the President of the Faculty Senate.

For full details, refer to the most recent Faculty Manual, Part II. Introduction, Section D. Alleged Violations of the Manual.