Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Handbook

The Faculty Senate Handbook is a resource for all faculty to find their Senate representatives among other rosters including: Executive/Advisory Committees, Standing and ad hoc Committees, Grievance Board and Other Important Contacts and Faculty Senate related representation on University Committees/Commissions. These rosters are updated and published annually. Other important information such as Article II. The Faculty Senate of the Constitution of Faculty, the Senate’s Procedural Bylaws, and Organizational Chart can be found in this booklet.

Download full version of the Faculty Senate Handbook 2013-2014


APPENDIX A: Constitution of the Faculty of Clemson University, Article II: The Faculty Senate

APPENDIX B: Faculty Senate Procedural Bylaws

APPENDIX C: Frequent Things You Want to Do, Rules Related to Motions, Incidental Motions

APPENDIX D: The Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award

APPENDIX E: Faculty Senate Organizational Chart

APPENDIX F: Open Forum Guidelines

APPENDIX G: "Free Speech" Period During Faculty Senate Meetings