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Minutes and Reports


There is typically a one-month delay in posting minutes, since they are approved at the following senate meeting.


        June 2017
        April 2017  
        May 2017
  • Archived Minutes

         2016-2017 (Mary Beth Kurz)
         2015-2016 (Jim McCubbin)
         2014-2015 (Antonis Katsiyannis)
         2013-14 (Kelly Smith)
         2012-13 (Jeremy King)
         2011-12 (Dan Warner)
         2010-11 (Bill Surver)
         2009-10 (Bill Bowerman)
         2008-09 (Bryan Simmons)
         2007-08 (Charles Gooding)
         2006-07 (Beth Kunkel)
         2005-06 (Connie Lee)


Reports of the Faculty Senate President

General Faculty and Board of Trustees Meetings

Annual Reports of Senate Committees

Policy Committee
Scholastic Policies Committee
Research Committee
Welfare Committee
Finance Committee

ad hoc Diversity and Inclusion Committee

ad hoc Status of Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

Reports of the Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Reports