Faculty Senate

Senate Information

Senate Leadership and Membership

The Faculty Senate leaders are Mary Beth Kurz, President; Amy Lawton-Rauh, Vice President/President-Elect; and, Neil Calkin, Secretary.

Senate terms begins with the April meeting and all membership documents on this page are updated by the May meeting. The Senate consists of 50 members — 35 full-time, tenure-track faculty and 14 non-voting, lecturer delegates. These elected representatives are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities.

Senate Committees

Each Senator and lecturer delegate serves on one of the Senate’s standing committees. The Senate’s officers – the President, Vice-President, and Secretary – along with lead senators, a second representative from each college, and committee chairs compose the Executive and Advisory Committees. These committees meet jointly once a month and act as a steering committee for the senate.

Communicating with the Senate

Meetings of the Faculty Senate are open to all faculty, and minutes are posted approximately one month after each Senate meeting. For next-day summaries of senate standing committee reports and Special Order presentations, visit our blog.

There are several ways to formally communicate with the Senate, and, through the Senate, communicate with all faculty.

Faculty Representation on University Committees

A significant responsibility of the Faculty Senate is selecting or nominating faculty representatives to university committees. Chairs or coordinators of university committees should refer to this chart and contact the Faculty Senate Program Coordinator, Monica Patterson, mpatte2@clemson.edu, with any questions.

Senate Governing Documents

The actions of the Faculty Senate are governed by three documents: