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Academic Integrity Committee

Last Updated: 12/14/2017

Administrative Home

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Contact Name

Rhonda Todd, Administrative Coordinator for the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (


Academic Integrity Committee hears appeals concerning possible academic dishonesty by undergraduate students. The committee’s procedures and the penalties it may impose are set forth in the current Undergraduate Announcements.

Faculty Manual Reference

Chapter VII 

Report Due Date


Meeting Frequency

As needed.

Membership Composition

Seat TypeQuantityTerm LengthDate of Term InitiationSeat Filling MechanismVoting or Non-Voting
Chair 1 NA Voting
Tenured faculty  14 2 years Voting
Undergraduate Students 14 2 years Nominated by the Student Body President and appointed by the Provost  Voting

Membership List (Last updated 12-14-2017)

NameEmailSeat TypeDepartment and CollegeAppointment DateTerm Expires
Jeffrey Appling Ex-Officio Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Julia Lusk Ex-Officio Coordinator of Undergraduadte Studies
Dara Park Voting Plant and Environmental Science; AFLS 8-14-2017 8-14-2019
Jeffrey Adelberg Voting Plant and Environmental Science; AFLS 8-14-2016 8-14-2018
Dustin Albright Voting Architecture; AAH 8-14-2016 8-14-2018
Tiffany Miller Voting Languages; AAH 8-14-2016 8-14-2018
Jack Wolf Voting Finance; Business 8-14-2016 8-14-2018
Heshan Sun Voting Management; Business 8-14-2016 8-14-2018
Rhett Smith Voting Chemistry; Science 8-14-2017 8-14-2017
Gary C. Lickfield Voting Materials Science; ECAS 8-14-2017 8-14-2019
Joe Mazer Voting Communication Studies; BSHS 8-14-2016 8-14-2018
Ann Wetsel Voting Nursing; BSHS 8-14-2015 8-14-2017
Samuel Reinert Voting Bioengineering; ECAS 8-26-2015 4-2017
Gill Biesold-McGee Voting Material Science & Engineering; ECAS 8-26-2015 4-2017
Nate Cotterman Voting Finance; Business 4-2016 4-2018
James Heidenreich Voting Management; Business 4-2016 4-2018
Janay Crosland Voting Management; Business 8-26-2015 4-2017
Zach Arms Voting Secondary Education; Education 8-26-2015 4-2017
Hannah Whelpley Voting CAFLS 4-2016 4-2018
Bryce Dechamplain Voting CAFLS 4-2016 4-2018
Nicole Maric Voting AAH 4-2016 4-2018
Elouise Cram Voting AAH 4-2016 4-2018
Kelly Barry Voting BSHS 4-2016 4-2018
Abbey Fesler Voting BSHS 4-2016 4-2018
Claire Maxted Voting Biological Sciences; Science 4-2016 4-2018
Alison Sansone Voting Biological Sciences; Science 4-2016 4-2018
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