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Council on Graduate Studies

Last Updated: 11/06/2017

Administrative Home

Office of the Graduate School

Contact Name

Dena Smith, Assistant to the Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School (


The Council on Graduate Studies provides oversight of graduate education by reviewing, considering, and disseminating recommendations from its constituent committees. Policy recommendations requiring specific action are approved and forwarded to the Academic Council. The Council on Graduate Studies is expected to transcend unit and college lines to promote excellence in all facets of graduate education.  

Faculty Manual Reference

Chapter VII 

Report Due Date


Meeting Frequency

As needed.

Membership Composition

Seat TypeQuantityTerm LengthDate of Term InitiationSeat Filling MechanismVoting or Non-Voting
Chair 1 NA Non-Voting
Member from Each College  7 Staggered 3 years Voting
Graduate Students 2 One Year Nominated by the President of the Graduate Student Government and appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School Voting

Membership List (Last Updated November 6, 2017)

NameEmailSeat TypeDepartment and CollegeAppointment DateTerm Expires
Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School (Or Dean's Designee)
Partick Jodice Member Forestry and Env. Conservation; AFLS 2019
Peter Laurence Member Architecture; AAH 2019
Eric Weisenmiller Member Graphic Communications; Business 2019
Joshua Summers Member Mechanical Engineering; ECAS 2019
Bill Norman Member PRTM; BSHS 2019
Robin Phelps-Ward Member Ed & Org Leadership Dev; Education 2019
Kevin James Member Mathematical Science; Science 2019
Travis Smith Member Graduate Student Government (Ed Leadership) 2018
Katie Jurewicz Member Graduate Student Government (Industrial Engineering) 2018
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