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Media Advisory Board

Last Updated: 2017

Administrative Home

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Contact Name

Almeda Jacks, Vice President for Student Affairs (


Media Advisory Board provides input to the media advisors on issues affecting campus media and/or media related issues; allocates University resources to student media organizations as available (including space, budget dollars, equipment, and funding from the Media Reserve account); reviews written complaints and suggestions from any person concerning any media organization or the media in general and advises the media adviser(s) and the affected media organization as to the proper course of action to take in response to the complaints or suggestions; and makes recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs relating to the Media Advisory Board structure, media policies, and other issues relating to student media. 

Faculty Manual Reference

Chapter VII 

Report Due Date


Meeting Frequency

As needed.

Membership Composition

Seat TypeQuantityTerm LengthDate of Term InitiationSeat Filling MechanismVoting or Non-Voting
Chair 1 NA Voting
Administrator 1 Appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs Voting
Member of the Faculty 1 Elected by the Faculty Senate Voting
Non-Faculty employee from University Relations 1 Appointed by the Vice President for University Relations Voting
Members of the Student Government 2 One appointed by the Student Body President and one by the Student Senate President Voting
Leader or designee from TAPS, The Tiger, Tiger Town Observer, CCN, and WSBF 5 Voting
Director of the University Union (designee) 1 Voting

Membership List (Last updated)

NameEmailSeat TypeDepartment and CollegeAppointment DateTerm Expires

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